Monday, July 19, 2010

Hometown Fair

Takoyaki -- My favorite fair junk food!

This festive event is held at a local fishing port in mid July every year and features boat paddling race, outdoor amateur singing contest and fireworks at night. This year, someone in the same workplace (but different department) participated in the singing contest, and I was there as a member of the "cheering squad" :P with my colleagues.

I was quite surprised to see this many food stands at this festival. I heard that food vendors from big cities used to be reluctant to come this far, because often there are not enough visitors to make up for the big gas expense. But now it's changing... I hope.

Nagashi somen is a traditional and fun way of eating somen noodles outdoor. I guess you need to be good at using chopsticks to catch the noodles that try to swim away. To make it festive, they made the bamboo "water slider" laughably long. It was funny to see the participants, with a bowl of broth and chopsticks in hand, anxiously waiting for the noodles to come.

I didn't go to the fireworks, but it was on the local TV news this morning. Looks like many young people in yukata came from other towns to make a decent crowd. Good!


grub said...

wow i wish we had these kind of festivals where i live!

the nagashi somen water slider looks quite fun to eat somen! seems like a game, where we have to catch the ramen :D what happens if you don't get the noodles in time? do you get a round 2.

Tindy said...

I LOVE festivals, obachan! I just went to the Gion Matsuri a few days ago with my maybe-boyfriend. There was no soumen though and the takoyaki was far too expensive... T-T

tina said...

Natsukashi na - o-matsuris in Japan! sigh!


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