Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Tired of Coughing!

Keema Curry

To those who live in Japan: Isn't either pertussis or mycoplasma pneumonia going around in your area now? Here in my hometown, it's both of them. At least, that's what the doctor I saw yesterday said.

I have been coughing like hell for about 10 days and suffering from stuffy nose and slight fever as well. Almost everyone in the department had the same problem from late May to early June and I was the last one. No OTC drug worked for my symptoms, so I realized that it was not a regular cold and I should go see a doctor to get some antibiotic pills.

At the hospital in a nearby town yesterday, I had to take a blood test. They told me to come back for the result in a week. Until then, it is not known whether I have pertussis or mycoplasma. But looks like the same type of antibiotic is used for the treatment of those diseases and that is the medicine the doctor prescribed, so I should be OK.

So sorry that I still haven't posted much about my new job and new eating habits. I should be, because these days I sometimes eat out -- the day before yesterday, a colleague and I sort of interviewed someone over lunch at the nice curry place. (The top photo was not taken there, though.) And the girl sitting next to me in the office loves sweets so much. Dear readers, finally the time has come for me to bake goodies and bring them to office to share with colleagues! For the first time, none of my colleagues are diabetic or weight watchers. YAY!

Just wait and see. Soon you'll read about me bringing cookies and muffins to the office, and yes, jams, too! Oh, I've got to get rid of this cough ASAP and be active. There's a lot of things I want to do now that I have a regular income! :D


K and S said...

feel better soon!

new2bento said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so sick. Be sure to drink lots of water and rest as much as possible. It is very hard for your body to fight infection if you are asking it to do too many other things. Get well first.Blessings...

chamki said...

Yes, get rid of this cough and be well, that's the most important thing. . . ciao!

Fiona said...

Obachan~ *hugs* Hope you feel better soon!

And I know how it is about being unable to bake for people because they all mutter about how they're on a diet. So, always good to have people that aren't fussing and that you can cook for. :)

Karen said...

Hope you get better soon!

tina said...

O daiji ni!

Anonymous said...


I am very jealous that you get to have yummy curry like that. All I get to make in the US is with import curry blocks :(

Looks very yummy!


Tindy said...

There's a sore throat going on around the people in my club, but I think it's mostly due to taking part in the Yosakoi Soran Matsuri...^_^;

obachan said...

K & S;

Yeah, I had a lot of drink, though mostly warm tea instead of water. The coughing got worse at night and I hated that.

Thank you. I think the medicine worked and now I'm feeling much better.

Oh, thanks for the hugs! :D
Once I get rid of this pertussis (that's what it's called, IIRC), I'll start baking something to share with my colleagues.

Thanks. Now I'm almost cured.


もう なおりました。

Imported curry blocks are not all bad, I guess, if you can add some of your favorite spices to suit your palate.

Dancing at Yosakoi! No wonder.


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