Thursday, July 08, 2010

Colorful Souvenir

These are from a confectionery shop, not in my hometown but a bigger city where I change buses on my way back from Osaka.

They look so cute, but were terribly sweet -- at least, to me. Well, not all of them, but the chocolate one was.

Which photo do you like the best?


K and S said...

I like the last shot with the slight reflection in the background.

Anonymous said...

i like the last one :)

Tindy said...

I like the last one, too :)

Meow Meow said...

I like the last photo too..thanks for sharing.

By the way, I recalled my very first bite on macaroons last year...and YES... I agree with you, they are terribly sweet (^o*)

obachan said...

K & S, Anonymous commenter and tindy;
I like that one, too. Looks like we share the common taste?

I wonder if that is the way most macaroons are supposed to be -- really sweet. But they do look cute, you know -- the shape and colors.

Rachel@TastyThailand said...

I've never liked these. Way too sweet for me. I just read an article saying that in the US they're finally going 'out of vogue' and nobody is really buying them anymore. Thank God. Those and the cupcake craze, I never understood. Two of nature's most boring foods, LOL. Love your blog!


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