Friday, June 18, 2010

Bento on the Train

Anago bento

I'm still coughing, but I can hardly stay inactive. Things are getting more and more exciting around me!

Guess where I was yesterday. I was in Osaka -- for just half a day. LOL
It was a real touch-and-go; I finished up some work in the office before 10:30 am, then went to Osaka by bus and train to attend an English class there in the evening. Right after that, I jumped on an overnight bus and came home. I'm going to do this every Friday until the 3rd week of July, means 4 more times, in order to improve my skill as an interpreter. (Here I mean a foreign language interpreter, not the one in eco tour. But before the end of this year I'm planning to attend a course to be an eco-tour interpreter, too.) It'll keep me busy for several weekends, but I'm happy to finally have a chance to improve the skill that I really need, without paying from my own wallet. Yes, my employer is paying for this. YAY!

With the schedule being this tight, I had to have lunch on the train that day. So this is what I had: Anago-meshi bento.

Anago (salt-water eel?) looks similar to eel, but less fatty and usually less expensive. But prepared nicely, it can taste better than eel, I think. This bento was pretty good, though I would have liked it warm.

BTW, after my first pay day (June 8th), I bought some stuff to make my life easier, including a very small laptop (for use on business trips), additional memory and a larger battery pack. And I'm on SKYPE now.
See? Obachan is getting civilized. :D


K and S said...

gosh, I hope your coughing goes away soon, take care!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! It sounds like things are going to be pretty exciting. :D

Anonymous said...

That anago bento looked so good! Thanks for taking a picture of the package. I'm going to be riding the trains in Japan in October and wonder if anago is available in Oct.
Your life is taking an exciting turn!

Tindy said...

Awwwwwwww. I'm so glad for you. Welcome to the 21st centry, Obachan.

I can't believe you were in Osaka! It's so close to me! LOL.

Oh! And if I were staying in Japan longer, I would be going to Kochi in August with my dance team to do yosakoi! Sad.

Anonymous said...

OMG...Obachan. I saw the picture of Anago Bento and instantaneously my mouth started watering...I miss bento in Japan. I am also very excited for you that you are taking interpreter classes and also get to go to Osaka once a week for several more weeks. Things are looking up!


obachan said...

Hehe, It's June 25, 21:30 now and guess where I am. I'm in Osaka, near JR Osaka station, waiting for the night bus. I've got some time to kill so I'm playing with my new small laptop. :)

K & S;
I'm almost totally cured. Thanks.

Yeah, things ARE getting exciting and I'm so happy about that.

Anago should be available throughout the year -- perhaps frozen ones are, I guess.
Yeah, these days I'm feeling like a totally different person.

How I wish I could ride the train a little longer and see you!
So you mean you cannot come to Kochi to dance yosakoi? Oh, what a pitty. Extend your stay!

Not all, but some bento are really good and I enjoy eating them on the train.

You know what? I'm really busy, and that's making me feel 10 years younger these days. I mean it!

Tindy said...

I wish I could! Japan is too expensive for me. ._. And I miss America. If you have time, though, you should go to see the yosakoi matsuri! I think it's August 13th.

rachel@Tasty Thailand said...

I'm dying to get to Japan some day just so I can try the bento boxes :) Everything in Japan just looks so perfect - packages so beautiful and food to die for. One of my Thai (well, Thai-American) friends was in Japan last year and loves it so much she wants to move there, LOL. Maybe next year for me. We'll see.


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