Monday, June 28, 2010

Eating Out


Phew! Last weekend was another hectic one. As some of you know, I went to Osaka on Friday to attend an evening English class there and came back on a night bus. With a terribly sleepy head, I got some things done on Saturday afternoon like getting a haircut and doing grocery shopping. Then on Sunday, I joined a meeting with some tourism-related people from another city to plan a one-day trip to my hometown, mainly to the geopark there. It was so much fun. My colleagues and I took them to several places in town and showed them around. This is what I had for lunch with them. The dish is called oyako-don(buri) and I enjoyed it so much, partly because I didn't have it for months but mostly because they were such fun people to be with.

Ooops! Lunch break is over. I'll write some more later tonight ... or tomorrow, because I'm going to have a day off tomorrow.

(Jun 29, 2010)

Yep, today was my day off. It was a nice, relaxing day after a busy weekend. It doesn't mean that I stayed at home all day, doing nothing, though. Mom and I did manage to do two rounds of laundry and set up a trellis for bitter melons before it started raining. I dropped by at the information center, then at a bus station to run errands. Also I had time in the afternoon to shoot some food photos.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Bento on the Train

Anago bento

I'm still coughing, but I can hardly stay inactive. Things are getting more and more exciting around me!

Guess where I was yesterday. I was in Osaka -- for just half a day. LOL
It was a real touch-and-go; I finished up some work in the office before 10:30 am, then went to Osaka by bus and train to attend an English class there in the evening. Right after that, I jumped on an overnight bus and came home. I'm going to do this every Friday until the 3rd week of July, means 4 more times, in order to improve my skill as an interpreter. (Here I mean a foreign language interpreter, not the one in eco tour. But before the end of this year I'm planning to attend a course to be an eco-tour interpreter, too.) It'll keep me busy for several weekends, but I'm happy to finally have a chance to improve the skill that I really need, without paying from my own wallet. Yes, my employer is paying for this. YAY!

With the schedule being this tight, I had to have lunch on the train that day. So this is what I had: Anago-meshi bento.

Anago (salt-water eel?) looks similar to eel, but less fatty and usually less expensive. But prepared nicely, it can taste better than eel, I think. This bento was pretty good, though I would have liked it warm.

BTW, after my first pay day (June 8th), I bought some stuff to make my life easier, including a very small laptop (for use on business trips), additional memory and a larger battery pack. And I'm on SKYPE now.
See? Obachan is getting civilized. :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Tired of Coughing!

Keema Curry

To those who live in Japan: Isn't either pertussis or mycoplasma pneumonia going around in your area now? Here in my hometown, it's both of them. At least, that's what the doctor I saw yesterday said.

I have been coughing like hell for about 10 days and suffering from stuffy nose and slight fever as well. Almost everyone in the department had the same problem from late May to early June and I was the last one. No OTC drug worked for my symptoms, so I realized that it was not a regular cold and I should go see a doctor to get some antibiotic pills.

At the hospital in a nearby town yesterday, I had to take a blood test. They told me to come back for the result in a week. Until then, it is not known whether I have pertussis or mycoplasma. But looks like the same type of antibiotic is used for the treatment of those diseases and that is the medicine the doctor prescribed, so I should be OK.

So sorry that I still haven't posted much about my new job and new eating habits. I should be, because these days I sometimes eat out -- the day before yesterday, a colleague and I sort of interviewed someone over lunch at the nice curry place. (The top photo was not taken there, though.) And the girl sitting next to me in the office loves sweets so much. Dear readers, finally the time has come for me to bake goodies and bring them to office to share with colleagues! For the first time, none of my colleagues are diabetic or weight watchers. YAY!

Just wait and see. Soon you'll read about me bringing cookies and muffins to the office, and yes, jams, too! Oh, I've got to get rid of this cough ASAP and be active. There's a lot of things I want to do now that I have a regular income! :D


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