Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sorry, No Food Photo This Time!

And sorry that I don't know the name of these flowers...

You know, I have a lot to tell you about my new job, but have no time to shoot food photos... No, that's not true. I did bake some matcha cookies, but they looked outrageously deformed when they came out of the oven, so I decided not to take photos of them. And last night, I went out for dinner with my colleagues. It was a welcome dinner for me and another new staff who is starting on the 1st of June, and an old member leaving at the end of May. That was probably the best chance ever to take shots of some local cuisine -- some dishes that we never make at my parents' house -- but I didn't bring my camera. AHHHHHHHHHHHhh!!!!!!!!

Anyway, things are getting more and more exciting at my work. "Exciting" or "crazy?" Well, that depends on what "normal " means to you, I guess. This morning we had a meeting and went over our schedule for the next 3 months.

Woooops, lunch break is over. I'll write some more tonight.


Sorry, I was lazy last night. It's the lunch break on June 2nd. This morning was not really eventful, and our boss went home sick. But we have one meeting scheduled in the evening today and that's going to be fun. It's not meeting bunch of middle-aged executives; We are going to see some young, energetic college (and graduate) students who are doing an ecology-related research in my hometown. I had heard about them long time ago, but never had a chance to actually see them.
Gee, can't wait! ;)



K and S said...

glad all is well. I hate it when I don't bring my camera and want to snap something :)

Jan said...

I have been reading your blog for a while but don't comment, I'm sorry. Anyway, it sounds like things are going really well and I'm glad for you!

totoro kaiwa said...

Hey, pictures of flowers are great!
I took a picture with my camera yesterday, I was so desperate to have a picture. Won't do that very often.
Good to hear you so excited.

janet said...

Thank you for the great recipes..
Your recipe to ume miso is fermenting in my closet and it smells wonderful every time I open the jar to stir.
I wanted to try your ume juice but all you have mentioned was about freezing ume for 24hrs...

obachan said...

K & S;
It always happens, doesn't it?

Thank you. I'm happy that you took a step forward and left a comment this time.

It's funny... Ten years ago, I wasn't interested in photo-shooting at all and the only time I took photos was really special occasions. Now I cannot live without taking pictures of the small things in my every day life.

So sorry that I forgot to take care of the ume juice recipe. All you have to do is, after freezing the ume plums, place the frozen ume and sugar alternately in a jar and keep in a cool, dark place. (Use the same weight of ume and sugar-- 1kg sugar for 1kg ume.) Juice starts to come out in a few days. Should be ready in about 10 days. It'll be like thick, sweet ume-flavored syrup, so add some water to thin it down. Serve cold.

Hope this helps.(Maybe too late? Sorry!)

janet said...

Thank you and I hope you are feeling better...
I did the following like you've mentioned but I read somewhere that you may need to boil them after???


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