Monday, April 19, 2010

Obachan Eats Langkawi - 1-

Awana Porto Malay Langkawi

I want to say thank you to those who had given me the information on the climate in Langkawi before I left Japan. Yep, it WAS hot and HUMID over there! :D

But it was a heavenly week. I enjoyed every single minute, even when I was in the conference room, listening to the presentation and struggling to summarize it in Japanese for my friend.

Seafood something (I forgot the name) @ Awana Porto

This was my very first meal in Malaysia. I enjoyed it with beer.

Their breakfast was really good, too. In addition to Western breakfast food like bread, cereal, muffins, pancakes and sausage, they served curry. Curry for breakfast sounded like a crazy idea to me, at first, but hey, I LOVED it! :D

* (Added 23, April) BTW, the herb I asked you about in my previous post was served in the white dish right under the flowers in the above photo. In those stone bowls were some kind of sauces (salad dressings?).

And they had so many kinds of sweets.

@Laman Padi (Rice Museum)
This was an interesting place where they showed us the traditional rice growing procedure. Of course, rice-growing itself is nothing new to we Japanese, but watching real buffalo working in the rice field was really something.
And they treated us with some sweets made from rice flour.

I don't know the name of this sweet, but it was light and crunchy and VERY good.

... to be cont'd.


K and S said...

exciting! lovely photos too!

iml said...

Delighted you enjoyed malaysian food. Money bag is what we call deep fried wanton dumplings.

grub said...

wow what an amazing food journey! i was also able to sample some of these sweets during my trip too

Anonymous said...

OH! LUCKY YOU! I would die for that kind of breakfast!


Anonymous said...





deliciousbakes said...

Hi Obachan!

Konnichiwa! Glad to hear you had fun tasting Malaysian food and enjoyed Langkawi. Btw, the crunchy sweet made of rice flour is called "kuih karas". I like it too.

obachan said...

K & S;

Money bag!! I love that. :D

Oh, you were? I liked the steamed-rice kind of thing wrapped in the banana(?) leaf.

It was good. Really. On some days they served this really green-colored pancakes, too, and I still have no idea what they were -- what the green color came from.


そう、向こうでは思いっきり元気でした。今、日本に帰ってその反動で... --;

Arigato. The kuih karas was so good with the drink they offered, which tasted like sweetened coffee.

Tooki said...

Those green pancakes are called "kuih lenggang" and the filling is sweetened coconut gratings. Green is food coloring. Happy to hear that you enjoyed Msian food. We Msians take them for granted...


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