Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Been A Year...

Homemade Strawberry Jam -- First Batch of This Season

Yes, it was this day last year that I moved into my parents' house. Oh, I can never forget all those agonies I had to go through before and after moving in. And all those challenges I had to face in the past year...!!

After surviving the year, now I'm making a new start. It's not that I'm ready to go onto the next stage or anything. Almost none of the problems I had in the past year has been solved, though many things are getting better. It's just that I, and my family cannot stand me being unemployed any more. So, dear readers, obachan is going to start working full-time next week (starting on the 6th, May).

I guess I should be happy.


K and S said...

wow a year already! hope your new job won't be too stressful :)

Kaba said...

Wish you all the best in your new job. Hope everything turns out the way you want it to be!

Anonymous said...

wow Obachan,
no sooner said so much goodies coming ur way already!
Another new phase enfold. Bet you got alot to report to us

Love malaysiaelayne

Badcat said...

I hope your new job is something you enjoy. Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us readers. I do hope things get better for you...

summerbreeze said...

I wish you the best in your full time job!

keep us posted!

Marie said...

Good luck!

Patzie said...

wish you all the best with your job :)

acquaviva said...

Yo've been able to survive the past year... and you'll be able to survive the next one, working or not, with a little bit more experience, strenght, wiseness and lightness. And juicy happiness, I hope. Best wishes!

Nicole said...

Congratulations on the next phase Obachan! How very exciting. I think it is only in novels and other fiction that everything gets resolved tidily before the heroine moves on. Real life is so much more messy - and one hopes fun and fulfilling. Best of luck with the new job. I not believe it is a year already.

ghanima said...

I always find that I get anxious whenever I have to start a new job, an event which happens a lot, since I'm a contract worker! Still, once I get settled in to a new workplace, I find that I end up enjoying the fact that I do my job well, get paid for it, and get to socialize with my co-workers.

I hope you have a similar experience in your new job, and that the stresses you've been undergoing in your home-life only continue to get easier. :)

Alessandra said...

I just discovered your blog: I love it ! I think your posts are really interesting and I will follow you often!
Hugs from Italy,

RONW said...

happy anniversary. Of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Oh good for your Obachan! All the best on your new challenge!


rubswanted said...

Congratulations on the new job! I think being outside the house and meeting new people will be great for you :)

Tindy said...

Congratulations on your new job :)

obachan said...

K & S;
Yep. Time flies, doesn't it?
My new job isn't so stressful... so far. ;) Well, we'll see.

Thanks. Maybe not everything, but if, like half of the things turn out the way I want, I'll have a good rest of the year. Really.

Yeah, I've got a lot to tell, but I'd better be careful, because now some of my colleagues know that I have blogs, so I'm gonna need to use politically correct expressions sometimes. Hahaha...

Thank you. I do think that it's about time that things get better for me.

Thanks. I'll tell you more details in my next post.


I appreciate your kind comment. :)

How nice of you. Yeah, I'll probably need a different kind of survival strategy at my new workplace, but it will be much better (hopefully) than being "Miss nobody" at my parents' house forever...

That's absolutely true. Real life is messy AND that's why it's interesting, I guess. Thanks for your support.

Yeah, I know how it is to be a contract worker. It had its good points and bad points...
Anyway, all of my co-workers are very nice people. I guess I'm lucky.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment! Hope you keep coming back to this blog and see how obachan is doing.

One-year anniversary. Yeah! :D

Thanks. I see a REAL big challenge is waiting for me, but -- oh well, getting a stable income for at least 2 years makes it look worth it. ;P

YES, definitely! It's amazing how great it is to talk with people who speak/think at a "normal speed! LOL

Thank you. I hope you can come to this part of Japan someday.



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