Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm Back!!

Yeah, I came back yesterday evening, from hot and humid Langkawi, Malaysia to chilly and rainy small town in Japan. I have soooooooooo much to tell you, and so many photos that I don't even know what to do with. And my brain has not been functioning at all.

But I have to post this photo, because my curiosity is almost killing me.

Dear readers, what is this herb?

It tasted and smelled really weird first, but as I kept chewing, it got better and I almost liked the flavor of it. What is it?


Ea Ejersbo said...

se might be curry leaves, but it's hard to tell - there are so many different plants that get used for food in various countries around the world :)

Fiona said...

Looks like curry leaves, Obachan. Hard to tell without being able to rub it between my fingers and smell, or tear off a piece to chew.

Glad you had a good time, and welcome home. ^_^

K and S said...

welcome back!

Jody said...

ahh... hope you had a great time!

I feel so shameful. I grew up in Malaysia and I've not been to Langkawi before! Did you pop around Penang for some authentic Malaysian food @ Gurney Drive?

I'm very sure it's not curry leaves, because they are smaller, shorter, greener and waxier. I use that all the time.

Might be sweet Asian basil? Does it have a distinct scent?

saranne said...

Maybe it's vietnamese mint? Hard to tell from the pic tho...

grub said...

welcome back obachan!! i look forward to your food journey in malaysia!! :)))

the leaves look like some kind of vietnamese herb..not sure though..

imoet said...

hmmm not sure, but i think in indonesia we call it kemangi or like indonesian (or asian) basil.

Tindy said...

Welcome back Obachan :)

totoro kaiwa said...

They look like "kaffir lime" leaves. I'm sure there is another name for them.

obachan said...

Hi! Thanks for your responses. :D
I tried google image search with "curry leaves" "Vietnamese mint" "Indonesian basil" and "kaffir lime," and thought that curry leaves looked closest to what I remembered, though I'm not 100% sure.

Ea Ejersbo;
I agree. It must be hard to tell from this pic.

I know. I wish I could give you a piece to try.

K & S;
Thank you. It was terribly cold when I came back to Japan on the 16th. :(

No, I didn't have a chance to go to Penang. But I did try Chinese food. :)

I saw vienamese mint on the net but it didn't look like what I actually saw in Langkawi.

Yep! I have loads of food photos to share! :D

Mmmmm... this looks like it, but a little different...I guess...

Thanks! :)

totoro kaiwa;
Mmmmm... maybe the shape of the leaves are different... because kaffir lime leaves look like two leaves joined together, right?

iml said...

It could be kesum leaves used in flavouring laksa in Malaysia.

buzzbuzz said...

It's laksa leaves/vietnamese mint/"rau ram". It's a herb and definitely has an unigue smell and flavor to it. Here's a site for more info

lorelei76 said...

It might be Rau Ram(Vietnamese Coriander) - did it smell kindof lemony yet cilantro-ey?

Nicole said...

I vote for rau ram as well. Definitely not curry leaves or kafir lime leaves.

mw said...

This looks like a serving of ulam(raw herbs/vegetables eaten raw with sambal belacan) commonly found in Malaysian buffets. Although it is hard to tell from the photo, the light green colour and serrated leaves suggest that they may be Thai Basil. Do they look those found here?

obachan said...

iml, buzzbuzz,Lorelei76, Nicole and mw;
Thank you for your information. I tried image search with the names you suggested. At first, from the way the leaves are attached to the stem, I thought that curry leaf was closest to what I remembered. But I can't really trust my memory any more and I wonder if curry leaf is served as the way I showed you in the next post. The herb did have a hint of lemony smell -- or at least citrus-like smell... IIRC. Gee, it's hard to tell, isn't it?
But thanks for guessing anyway.

Anonymous said...

is it thai basil? colour seems a bit light tho.
dont think people eat curry leaves just like that and its not lime leaves. its too soft looking.
what was it served with? (cant tell whats the other food on the plate) that might give a clue.

Anonymous said...

its called "daun kesum" in Malaysia. Google it and u will see all the similar pictures of this herb.

obachan said...

Hi. Thanks for your info. I googled with "daun kesum." But the way the leaves are attached to the stem looks different from what I remember. To me, curry leaves seem closest, and yes, we wondered if those leaves were supposed to be eaten like salad... because they were so tough and hard to swallow. You can see the way they were served in the photo (3rd from the top) in the next post, "Obachan eats Langkawi 1." The leaves were in the white plate under the flowers.

I wonder if the leaves were there to add flavor to the sauces/dressings but not to be eaten???

Tooki said...

Curry leaves have a disinct curry smell and are not normally eaten raw. They are solely used to cook, well, curry. They are also dark green in color.


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