Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teriyaki Glazed Yellowtail

Buri no Teriyaki (Teriyaki Glazed Yellowtail)

Sorry I've been lazy these days... I haven't updated this blog very often lately. The thing is that I didn't feel like doing much of anything last week, and then, my younger sis and her kids came to stay over the weekend. (We had a long weekend with last Monday being a makeup holiday.) Oh, it WAS an eventful weekend, as it always is when they are with us. We took kids to dad's orchard to pick some oranges and edible wild plants, to the cape for a quick geotour, to the beach for jogging, and to the fishing port for fishing (in a terrible wind and yellow sand). Hahaha... And of course we had good meals.

Dad bought another whole yellowtail (7.7kg) at the nearby fishing port. (I'm not going to tell you how much it cost, because I don't know exactly. But I'm pretty sure that our price is less than 30% of its price in big cities. How 'bout that, huh?) We enjoyed it grilled, as sashimi, and buri-shabu, too. The last one may not sound familiar -- it is the fish version of a Japanese meat dish called shabu-shabu. Honestly speaking, I wasn't too crazy about this hot pot dish that my sister brought into mom's kitchen. To eat shabu-shabu, you put, with chopsticks, a piece of meat(fish) into boiling broth, swish back and forth a few times, take it out and immediately dip into sauce and eat. Doing the same thing with yellowtail slices, I found it difficult to know the perfect timing to eat. If the fish was cooked completely, it was no better than regular fish in regular hotpot dish, and when undercooked, it was too fishy for me.

Anyway, after being stuffed with the yellowtail dishes on day 1 and yakiniku on day 2, my younger sis and her kids went home yesterday. And I was too busy to take any food photos throughout the long weekend!! :O What a shame! Am I really a foodblogger??

The top photo is what I prepared this afternoon with the leftover, not-so-fresh yellowtail. The recipe for the glaze sauce? Well, it's a classic proportion so I guess I can put it up here without worrying about copyright? It's basically sake, soy sauce and mirin mixed together, and the proportion is 1:1:1. If you like it sweet, you might want to add some white sugar, maybe half the amount of mirin? Or you might want to add a little ginger to the sauce to add some refreshing flavor. You need to grill the fish first in a frying pan until it is almost done inside, then you pour in the sauce to give glossy sheen. If you marinate the fish fillet in the sauce or poured in the sauce too soon, the outside would probably burn before the inside is done.

BTW, long time ago, I think I read in someone's comment about an English forum or translation forum where you can put up your English writing and the members there would make corrections. Today I went through almost all the posts on this blog, but couldn't find the comment. Can anyone give me any information about this kind of forum?


K and S said...

yummy, I have some buri in the freezer, will try this :)

Jaime B. said...

looks lovely!

oh, and this site sounds like the one you're looking for:

totoro kaiwa said...

Good to hear from you again! The teriyaki buri looks delicious. Thanks for the instructions on the sauce.
Some in my family are vegans and that has put a crimp in my cooking.

Chin said...

I've always thought yellowtail was hamachi ... and I just checked, heh it's the same.

Are you all ready for your Langkawi trip yet? I was there ~6 years ago when I was an undergrad; was a very fun trip. Being a city-dweller, I always remember my relaxing trips with much fondness :)

さーに said...


obachan said...

K & S;
Hope you like it. ;)

Jaime B.;
Thanks! Yeah, that looks good.

totoro kaiwa;
Oh, I know how that is. These days I'm more and more reluctant to cook something my parents don't eat. But there are some dishes I never want to give up no matter how much other family members hate them, and I guess it's important that I don't give them up completely.

Yeah, hamachi is young yellowtail.

About the Langkawi trip, my mind is already there but my suitcase is still empty. :P

お久しぶり!そうなんですか。Lang-8良さそうですね。もちろん私の英語はcorrection 絶対必要ですよ。入ったらまたご連絡しますね。

Anonymous said...

Mmm!! Looks delicious!
I just stumbled upon your old blog when I did a search for "hayashi chuka". Now I am enjoying looking at your old posts (not a stalker, just love food!). Please keep the posts coming!! ^_^

obachan said...

Thank you, Cherie. I hope you keep coming back to this blog, too.


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