Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cottage Cheese Cake

Cottage Cheese Cake

Today is a national holiday and a baking fairy came by. I felt like a cheesecake, and was almost going to grab a big cream cheese brick at the supermarket. But I came home with cottage cheese after all.

I made them into cupcakes so that I could give some to mom's tea ceremony students. Unfortunately they left much earlier than usual and I didn't have a chance to see them. Too bad.

Here's an update on mom's foot. Guess what? After seeing the result of MRI scan, the old doctor said, "Oh, your bone is not missing. It's here... just its color turned dark," or something along that line, according to mom. She came home with more pills, and the way she walks has not changed a bit. :(


K and S said...

yipes! I hope they can remedy her foot! These cupcakes sure look tasty.

grub said...

yummy yum looking cottage cheesecakes! does it taste any different to using cream cheese?

oh btw obachan, i privatized my blog a few days ago, please check your email for an invite. sorry about the hassle!

Anonymous said...

Hope your mom's foot gets better!

These cup cakes look good. Any chance to share the recipe?


ghanima said...

Sorry to hear about your mom, obachan. That must be very disappointing news for you. At least she made the effort to improve. That's a positive step, wouldn't you say?

Your cupcakes look delicious! You didn't mention how they tasted -- what did you think of them?

me0w said...

I was wondering about the recipe for your cottage cheese cake, did you following one from online or made up your own?? BTW it looks delish!

obachan said...

K & S;
I really hope so, but we (my family and relatives) are not too optimistic. It turned out that the problem was osteoporosis, and there is no way to cure it like a magic.

I think cottage cheese cheesecake is much lighter compared to regular cheesecake made with cream cheese.

Oh, yeah. Thanks for the invitation. I registered as a member (or friend, whatever) so I can read your blog. :)

Anonymous commenter;
Terribly sorry. The recipe was on the package of the cottage cheese, and I threw it away right after I finished baking.
Maybe next time.

Yeah, it was disappointing. And though mom didn't say it aloud, "See? I told you so!" was written all over her face when she came back from the hospital. Grrrrrrrrr!!

Well, when I don't mention anything about the taste, it usually means that it was not really good. This time it was just OK. :P

As I wrote above, the recipe was on the package of the cottage cheese. And I threw it away.

elle__lawliet said...

mmmmmh, it looks great!!! where is all your japanese cuisine of your latest blog? do you do no more japanese cuisine? excuse my english


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