Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ponkan Orange Cake

Ponkan Orange Cake

It is orange season around here now, and my family has been busy picking oranges for the past couple of weeks. Like I wrote in my previous post, I cannot say that I truly enjoy the work, but it does feel good to work in the orchard on a nice sunny day, hearing birds and breathing crisp air.

And today, while dad was at some community gathering and mom was in the orchard with my aunt, I baked this cake.

Ponkan Oranges

The cake was not a great success, but it felt good to occupy the kitchen and bake something. Really.

BTW, here's a good news -- well, at least for me. I think I have written several times about mom's bad leg? She has been limping quite some time, but never agreed to go see a doctor no matter what.

Then last week, she suddenly started saying that she wanted to see a doctor because she might have gout. I had no idea why, but why should we miss this once-in-a-lifetime-chance to send her to a hospital? Everyone, including a couple of relatives, strongly supported her decision, and finally she drove to a hospital in the neighboring city yesterday.

Can you guess what the doctor said after seeing the x-ray of her foot? According to mom, he went, "OMG. You're missing a piece of bone here!"
It turned out that she somehow had a minor bone fracture in her foot years ago, and a small piece of her bone came off. She just ignored it, the piece was displaced (wrapped by the surrounding tissue?), and she has been limping for years, saying that it was aging thing and no doctor could fix it.

Anyway, she is going to have an MRI scan tomorrow, and the doctor would decide on the treatment. The treatment could include a surgery, which is good, I think. She would hate being hospitalized for a while, but it won't be long. It would be much, much better than living with the pain for the rest of her life, don't you think?

Oh, I'm so happy that things started moving forward...


K and S said...

glad she went to check it out!

grub said...

i think i've seen ponkan oranges in melbourne before. seasonal fruit. the photography is awesome as usual ^^

and i'm gald that your mum decided to automatically go to the doctors, since she has refused to go in the past.

acquaviva said...

this new way of your mum's changing her mind... It's a wonderful start for this new year with her!

ghanima said...

I know you say you're not pleased with the results of your cake, but it looks great! It seems so moist and orange-y.

I'm also really glad to hear that your mother decided to get her foot checked out. I wonder how much of her decision was influenced by the fact that you're challenging your parents' stubbornness and getting them to try to be healthier in general. It sounds to me like you're making a positive impact in their lives!

Fiona said...

Good heavens. o.o Well, it's just as well your mum finally decided to get it looked at. Blimey.

The cake looks yummy, though. :)

YSC said...

Wow, that sounds so painful for your mum! I'm really glad she went to see the doctor after all! Btw, your cake looks delicious. What is the difference between ponkan and other oranges?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm so glad to hear that!! Bet she needs time for recovery later, I'm sure you'll be a fine support for her.

Yep, things are looking up!


obachan said...

K & S;

I guess her sister, my aunt, did a good job persuading her. Thank goodness!

That's true. It's a good start!

That's true. It was moist and orange-y. It was just not very cake-like. Hahaha...

Like I wrote above, it was probably my aunt who did a good job. She somehow talked her into it.

Now the whole family is curious what treatment the doctor will suggest...

Thanks. I have to admit that the cake looks better in this photo.

Ponkan oranges have thicker and bitterer skin than regular(?) oranges. I like satsuma better, to be honest.

Well, she might prefer staying with her younger sister to staying with me. But yeah, I'd like to think that things are looking up.

totoro kaiwa said...

I was hoping you'd print the recipe for Orange cake. It looks moist just the way I like a cake to be.
Glad to hear your mom will be treated.

meaghan said...

That cake looks very delicious, Obachan.
I hope that your mother's leg is better soon. At least you know what the problem is now. It's amazing that she didn't complain more!

Anonymous said...

gosh! good that your mother's foot has finally been checked out! hope it can be fixed and she gets well soon.

wanted to ask you something. I notice Japanese shops tend to have this little curtain/s hung around head height or on the top part of the door. What is the reason for that?

A said...

Dear Obachan,

To help you out with those oranges, here you have a family version of a Spanish recipe: flan de naranja (orange creme caramel).

No milk at all or it will curdle!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do... and that the mysterious Ponkan oranges are sweet enough to make it.



1 l orange juice
250 grs. sugar
8 eggs
8 yolks
(1 teaspoon vanilla extract)


Put enough sugar to cover the bottom of your baking tin in it. Heat over medium heat until melted and golden while moving it around the tin to spread it evenly.


Beat the eggs with the sugar, add the orange juice and warm it up slightly, just tho dissolve the sugar.

Fill your baking tin up to 2/3rds and cover it with aluminum foil. Bake for 50 minutes (warm oven: the water should be hot but not boiling) in tray full of water (1/2 to 2/3 the height of the tin). It should become solid.

Let it cool down and serve cold on a dish, caramel side up.


+ You can add grated orange zest to the egg and juice mix, to your taste.

+ You can use individual tins.

+ Some people like to have chocolate sauce or whipped cream on the side.


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