Saturday, January 09, 2010

My First Baking in 2010

Sweet Chestnut Financier

Gee, I haven't done any baking for more than a month! Time really flies...

Today is the first day of a long weekend here in Japan, and I was alone at home all morning. When I opened the cupboard in the kitchen, I saw my silicone bakeware right next to the thing I was looking for, and I suddenly felt like baking. Maybe it was the baking fairy who made me feel that way.

Anyway, there were some Tenshin amaguri 天津甘栗 (Tianjin sweet roasted chestnuts?) in the kitchen, and I decided to bake the sweet chestnut financier. It was about two years ago when I tried it out for the first time, and I truly loved it then.

But today, I found the buttery flavor of the financier overwhelming. :(

I'm really older now... *sigh*


K and S said...

everything looks so yummy!

acquaviva said...

Different habits and tastes... It doesen't mean "aging" at all, simply we're changing... isn't it?!

grub said...

mmmm looks very delicious! chestnuts are only availiable here during the winter season in australia. my mother simply just boils them and we peel the skin and enjoy the sweet chestnut inside. my mother added chestnuts in a chicken pot and it was really good!

by the way i agree with acquavivia that we are simply changing. i used to like some foods and now i don't like them at all, vice versa.

happy baking and cooking 2010!

AMK said...

Love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, recipes and gorgeous photography with us.

Anonymous said...

i think obachan means her taste is becoming like her parents. i can see this thinking being asian :) your not getting old... just hmm... refined :)



obachan said...

K & S;

Yeah, but I don't know if this is a positive change...

I always think that chestnut and chicken make a great combination.
Happy baking/cooking for you, too.

Thanks for leaving a nice comment. Hope you keep coming back to this blog.

Refined! Hahaha.... If you see the kind of hotpot dishes my parents love here, you might feel like taking the word back. ;)

Mistyfahying said...

Looks delicious. Did you roast your chestnuts or buy them already roasted? I'm looking for a chestnut roasting recipe but none of the ones online have turned out the way I had hoped... Maybe you can help


Amato said...

You know, you are the person who “got me” to love financiers since, I don’t know, 2 years?
After I have seen these small cakes first time on your blog, I bake financiers almost every 2 weeks; my favorites are with matcha and kuro mame. Mhmmm....
And, your taste just changed, this is all. :-)
My taste has changed a lot, after I start cooking a lot Japanese, now I don’t like too many "heavy" tastes.
I really like your blog very much, some of your stories, and I just can’t stop laughing, so sweet and funny... (your mum/tons of gyoza-story...)


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