Friday, January 01, 2010

The First Day of 2010

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Time for a brand new start!


acquaviva said...

your osechi ryori looks gorgeous!
I wish you a wonderful, rich and wise new year.

grub said...

wow waking up to see such a beautiful sunrise at the start of a new year! that's a good sign! happy 2010 obachan!!

Anne said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful blog--I look forward to all of your posts! Have a wonderful New Year Obachan, and I hope 2010 is better for everybody.

Lannae said...

Happy New Year! May your 2010 brand new start be wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous!

Fami@ Atelier_V2 said...

Hi Obachan! Well, it's sort of funny calling someone an obachan when I, myself is one! I was born just a couple of years after you and have a niece and nephew in Mito, in the Ibaraki prefecture. I happened to come across your older blog then eventually read up to date on your more current blogs. You pictures, recipes and story about your parents really hit home with me as my parents are not getting any younger as I am here (Arizona, USA) and they are in Japan. I look forward to checking your blog often now that I've found it.

By the way, your English is fabulous. I've grown up in the states (have been here for 26 years now, phew!) and I'd say your written English is way better than some US born College kids for sure!

Have a wonderful & lovely New year!


Lynne said...

Hi Obachan
I used to read your old blog but then somehow lost you. So glad to find you again.

Here's to a wonderful new year for both of us
Sidherian (Lynne)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, my friend.

God bless, Christine in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Obachan! Gorgeous shot of the sunrise. Personally I am glad to see 2009 go and look forward to 2010. May we both have a happy, prosperous, healthy and peaceful new year.


totoro kaiwa said...

Happy New Year!
Thanks for those beautiful pictures.

Grace said...

Happy New Year! Your sushi boxes look so wonderful! I was fortunate to spend New Year in Japan 5 years ago. What a fantastic time to be in Japan. My daughter and I love your strawberry santa by the way. So cute!
I made an attmept to make omanju this year, but something went terribly wrong. Do you happen to have a recipe for omanju? Otherwise I will just try to find another on the internet. I should have thought of asking you in the first place!

Tookl said...

Happy New Year! So happy to have found your blog. You're a great writer. You should turn your old blog and this one into a book. Cheers! :) Lenore

meaghan said...

Happy 2010, Obachan!
It looks like you had delicious and beautiful things to eat on the first day of the year.
Thank you for keeping this blog, I love reading about your cooking and adventures.

keona said...

Happy New Year Obachan and may the new year bring you lots of wonderful experiences. Thank you again for your very enlightening posts on Japanese life and culture

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.
Obachan, I enjoyed reading your blog since 2004 and will continue to read so please keep up the good work. Mata moto ganbate nee?
From the South Pacific

Tindy said...

Hello dear Obachan. :)

I spent the first few days of the new year in Miyajima and Hiroshima. They're both absolutely stunning places, but alas, I didn't get to see a stunning sunrise like you. :)

おばちゃん、明けましておめでとうございます。 ^_^;

obachan said...

Thank you, everyone!
I truly appreciate your warm new year's wishes, either written here or quietly whispered in front of the screen or even in your mind.

Hope you are having a great start of 2010.


I love reading your blog and wish you lots of happy hours in 2010. Much patience and humour and health, too, and overall less centipedes ;)

obachan said...

Yeah, definitely a lot less centipedes! LOL

Thanks for your caring wishes.

Anonymous said...

Wow... that osechi looks so colorful!!!


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