Sunday, January 17, 2010

Creamy Turnip Soup

Creamy Turnip Soup

I haven't posted about the winter veggies in our family vegetable gardens, have I? I guess I took a couple of photos at the end of last year and just forgot about them. Anyway, now we are growing daikon radishes, spinach, mizuna, Chinese cabbage, shungiku, Japanese mustard(?) and lettuce. Oh, and my turnips. I'm growing them in the spot where I grew zucchini in summer.

It turned out that my parents do not care for turnips very much, so basically I'm the only one who brings them into the kitchen. And this is the dish that I usually make with them. The ingredients are turnips, onion, spinach, chicken, sausage, flour, margarine, powdered chicken bouillon, salt, pepper, soy milk and a little herb (I used dried thyme today).

The turnips turned out really soft and sweet. And the leftover soup might taste even better tomorrow.


Today my parents, my aunt and I went to the orchard to pick oranges. Sounds like a wonderful family cooperation? But the truth is... it's pretty stressful to work with elder people with some health problems. Dad says that he can't see well. Mom has bad legs. My aunt always nauseates after picking a few bagful of oranges (perhaps because of the Meniere's syndrome that she hasn't completely recovered from).

I guess I'm getting more and more impatient these days. Yes, I was never totally happy when I had to repeat the same thing many times when talking with my parents, or walk/move slowly when doing things with them. But it didn't bother me THIS much before... Now it annoys me much more because, at work, I'm getting used to talking and working with "normal" people, and enjoying it. I must be sounding awful, but I have to admit that this is the truth.

But working 5 days a week has its good side; I AM MAKING MONEY. And I'm planning something exciting for this coming spring. Just wait and see. Obachan might surprise you in a couple of months.


K and S said...

this soup look good! can't wait to see what you have planned :)

summerbreeze said...
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cookiecrumb said...

You know what, my darling Obachan? I totally understand your remark comparing your parents to "normal" people. I have the same situation with my parents (whom I will NEVER live with). You are my hero.
Enjoy your turnips! All by yourself. xx

Cara said...

Take some time for yourself and relax, if you can. Just an hour in the bath will do wonders, I always find it *much* easier to live with other people afterwards ;)
It's not mean to feel that, it's just human.
Good luck for your spring plans!

ghanima said...

Your soup looks fantastic, Obachan! My favourite method for prepping turnips is just to wash, cut and oven-roast them with olive oil and sea salt. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, I would love some nice, warm vegetable soup right now... that picture looks amazing. Best of luck at work!


obachan said...

K & S;
For now, I'll just tell you this: I'm going abroad for about a week.

Thanks. It's nice to hear from someone who understands how I feel.

Good advice! Maybe I should try a new bath agent tomorrow.

That sounds really good. I'm going to have to give it a try sometime soon.

Thank you.

Chinese Soup Pot said...

The soup looks delicious! I must say I've never seen a creamy daikon soup before, but it looks really good!

I have some daikon recipes here that maybe you would enjoy.

Cheers! =)


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