Monday, November 23, 2009

TLA #2 -With My Dad -

My dad was taking a walk near the fishing port a couple of weeks ago, and saw someone he knew fishing there. The guy told dad that a real big fish just cut his line and ran away. On the very next day, dad drove to a shop and bought some new hooks and sinkers. Then he realized that he got wrong type of sinkers and he had me go to the same store to buy the right ones. He had to wait for several days until the weather got nicer, and finally the day before yesterday, he went to try his luck. And the above photo was the luck he had. Ha-ha-ha. (For those who are not familiar with saltwater fish, that's an inedible blow fish.)

This is my new friend. He is a stray cat, but by no means a starving cat. And I have never ever seen any cat friendlier than this one.


Caffettiera said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the sea: I miss it so much, and from your pictures I could almost smell it!

Jen said...

at least the "neko-tsuri" panned out well for you guys!

cecilia said...

thanks for sharing your everyday life. By the way, what's the cat's name?

debbie said...

The cat looks adorable! And they are smart enough to look for those who will feed them well : )

Chin said...

Ah but what happened to the blowfish then?

obachan said...

Yeah, I know how you feel. I'm 100% happy that I live close to the sea now.

Hahaha... Right. But the neko doesn't seem edible, either.

I don't think anyone officially named him yet. Can you think of a famous person who is known for having a lot of nerve? 'Cause that's exactly how he is.

Exactly. And they really know how to get attention.

The cat sniffed and licked the fish, then lost interest. Finally dad threw it back into the sea. (And the fish is stupid enough to be caught again in 5 minutes.)


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