Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Local "Industrial Fair"

Spinning Squid

A local "industrial fair" was held last Sunday, November 15th. It was a nice but windy day, and there seemed to be a good crowd at the venue--a good crowd for this rural place, I mean.

The smell of barbecued beef filled the area, and fresh fish and good sushi were selling fast.

Sea salt made from deep sea water

Local food

Actually, the "industrial fair" cannot be too different from a farmer's market in a place where the local industry is mainly farming and fishing. But the performances by local kids and the youth on the main stage did make a difference that day. They were so cute.

There was even a tea ceremony booth where local tea ceremony teachers and students served matcha and sweets. But the wind was too strong that making boiling water with portable gas stove was almost impossible. Later I heard that a very strong wind blew while some visitors were chatting after taking the first bite of their sweets, and when they tried to eat the rest, the sweets were gone--they were blown off the table and onto the ground. LOL (I wouldn't be surprised if they quit serving matcha tea at a booth next year.)

But what I really loved to see was these squids being dried. Especially, I cracked up when I saw the "spinning squids." They say that spinning them with a machine like this can dry them faster, and they do this all the time, the industrial fair or not. But it's just too funny to see.


K and S said...

yummy local foods...I would crack up seeing those spinning squid too!

YSC said...

Hi Obachan, thanks for your lovely blog! By coincidence, I was just cleaning squid this afternoon at home, but the squid I bought was not so fresh so after all that trouble I decided to throw them away :(

I'm curious to know how dry the squid in your picture was supposed to become? Dry like hard, dried squid, or still soft?

Marie said...

Erm, my mouth salivated a bit upon seeing the spinning squid!

totoro kaiwa said...

I especially liked the squid hanging on the line. What's your favorite way to cook squid?

obachan said...

K & S;
I promise. The idea of those things spinning is pretty funny in itself, but there's something about it--maybe the speed of the spin?--that makes you laugh so hard.

Oh, what a shame that you had to throw away the squid after the trouble of cleaning it. We had the same problem in the past with certain fish. And it smelled awful until our next garbage day.

We usually dry the squid just one day. Then the drying gives it tasty flavor and some chewy texture on the outside with the inside still being soft.

Wow, you must be a real seafood eater! :D

I love calamari. ;)

Tindy said...

That looks so fun Obachan ^______^

Did you buy tons of yummy seafood? Or isn't there enough room in your refrigerator?

Chin said...

What a coincidence, I'm thinking of cooking Squid on Wednesday and then decided to check your blog!

Am curious about rubbing alcohol on persimmons, I wonder what the scientific explanation is for that.

The only other thing I've ever used for shochu than on the rocks, is for soaking vanilla bean pods. You should try that, it's oh-so-fragrant

obachan said...

We bought some sushi, but not seafood. :)

As for alcohol removing astringency of persimmons, I found the explanation here.

Vanilla bean pods in shochu! Mmmmmmmmmmm... I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

obachan.i come through ur blog ,from maisya blogspot.i love ur writing and.i'm a teacher ,also live in rural area in sabah, i think i know how u felt.but lives go happiness comes,when i see my family and my students great achievement.good luck for u :)

obachan said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment. Yeah, life goes on. And I don't want to spend the rest of my life regretting or complaining. I've got to enjoy my humble life here, and I'm going to.

BTW, I'm going to Langkawi, Malaysia this coming April! ;)


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