Friday, November 06, 2009

Hey, I'm Back!

See what I tried?

Yep, these are the egg tarts from KFC in Hong Kong that Mae recommended in her comment to my previous post. Remembering her comment, the first thing I did in the free time on the next day of our arrival was walking around the BP International hotel, looking for a KFC. And there was a sign near the entrance of Kowloon park! :D I was almost thrilled, but then I had a problem finding the entrance to the KFC. So it was actually the night before we left Hong Kong that I finally managed to buy these egg tarts.

Mmmmmm...... Yum!!

But buying six pieces at one time was probably a mistake. :P

So, why did I visit Honk Kong anyway? What was that trip for?

OK. Take a look at the photo on the newspaper beneath the famous egg tart. That is showing a rare geological relic in High Island, and there was an opening ceremony of Hong Kong national geopark right in front of that hexagonal columnar rock. Since a geopark project is going on in my hometown, too, a couple of staff were sent to the opening ceremony and the seminar, and I was there to help with the language.

Scenery in High Island

Everything was just wonderful and exciting. The hospitality of the host organization was really touching. Though I couldn't take photos, I enjoyed the buffet breakfast and lunch at the hotel. Well... to be perfectly honest, we got a little tired of the same buffet menu on the third day. :P

But what was really great was the dinner at Peking Garden on the night before we left Hong Kong! We never expected that, but we were treated with a wonderful course meal including, of course, Peking duck--a lady sliced it up in front of us--nice dim sum, and many other dishes that I don't know what they are called. And the highlight was the noodle-making demonstration performed in front of us. It was amazing, and funny, too, because the guy threw so much flour over the dough and the flour was everywhere on the table, the wall and the floor but no one seemed to care. Oh, it WAS a wonderful dinner.

But can you imagine me staying at BP International hotel and not visiting temple street? Come on, this is your obachan. I will never let you down. After being totally full from the dinner, we walked up to the temple street and shopped around. And...

Frog Congee

I was not very hungry yet, but I thought there must be a space in my stomach for a bowl of congee. And wanting to try something "different," I chose frog congee, though the other two guys who were with me looked at me like I was some kind of monster. As for drink, I loved this Haizhu beer so much!! I wish I could buy this somewhere in my hometown...

The other two guys had this vegetable noodle soup. They said it was bland, but after adding spicy chili sauce, they were happy.

Yes, it was the must place to visit.

So that was the trip I enjoyed. I might add some more photos later, so keep checking on once in a while.


Tindy said...

Welcome back Obachan :) What are those, pizza bagels?

grub said...

welcome back obachan :D can't wait for your upcoming posts :)

those must be those yummy hong kong portuguese egg tarts (?)

acquaviva said...
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acquaviva said...

ok, I'll be patient...

ghanima said...

Yum! Custard tarts!

Fiona said...

Hey, welcome back Obachan~ ^_^

Pretty much echoing the questions everyone else has -- what be the little tarty things in the picture?

jalna said...

Missed you.

Anonymous said...

yum portuguese custart tarts! you know virtually the only difference from regular chinese custart tarts is the use of dairy over water. hmm... perhaps it's time to return for a visit.

hope you had fun. and welcome back.


Joanna said...

Dear Obachan
That looks like a WONDERFUL TRIP!!!

totoro kaiwa said...

Obachan, I sure did miss your food & musings on life. What kind of taste does frog congee have? Today I'm going to dehydrate fuyu persimmons. Any advice?

obachan said...

These are egg tarts. They were good, but bigger than they look in these photos, and I couldn't eat them all.

Yep. I was lucky that I found KFC very close to the hotel I stayed at.

Hope you enjoyed the updated post. :)

Yep. Their egg tarts were really yummy.

Those are egg tarts or Portuguese egg tarts. This English wikipedia tells you why some people call them Portuguese tarts.

Thanks. It's nice to be back.

Yeah, why not. Take a look at the new Hong Kong with a national geopark.

YES. Definitely.

totoro kaiwa;
To me frog congee tasted like just regular rice porridge with chicken-like meat chunks (with bones). It had light, salty taste, not greasy at all-- I loved it.

I guess it's too late for giving an advice on drying persimmons? Sorry. But we never used fuyu for making dried persimmons, so I don't think I could give you any advice anyway. My hunch is that fuyu is probably juicier than astringent ones, so be careful not to let it mold. And it may not turn out as good as dried persimmons made with astringent variety.

cynthia said...

Your post about the KFC portuguese egg tarts reminds me of my travels to HK. Those tarts are an absolute must have on every trip. (Who would have thought KFC makes the best tasting tarts?!) Since husband's job no longer requires international travel, it may be a few years before I can have them again. Thanks for bringing back fond memories of our trips to Hong Kong!


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