Thursday, November 12, 2009

Banana Custard Tart

Banana Custard Tart

After coming back from Hong Kong, I guess I was more exhausted than I thought. Or maybe it was a burnout. I didn't feel like doing anything for several days. Then one day I had a crick in my back while helping dad with loading his car with bags of fertilizer. Gee! Can you imagine how terrible I felt? Your obachan (aunty) is officially an obaachan (granny) now!! :O Honestly, my self-esteem hurt more than my back.

I iced my back every day for at least 3 days, and this morning I was finally able to put my socks on in the way I normally do. So I felt like celebrating and whipped up this tart by combining a couple of Japanese recipes I found on the net. In the kitchen there were too many eggs and bananas as a result of mom's grocery shopping in my absence, and I managed to consume two eggs and two bananas by making this tart. (BTW, she bought some frozen sweet-n-sour-pork and gyoza while I was in Hong Kong... )

At first I was not going to bake the filling. But the custard cream turned out lighter than I had wanted and bananas were not very ripe, so I felt the need to somehow add more sweetness. What I did was sprinkling granulated sugar and cinnamon all over this tart and baking it for --about 10 minutes or so?

Fortunately it worked. The tart was still quite light, but mom liked it that way and I, too, thought it was good.

And now I'm not feeling burned out any more. I remember writing the same thing in my previous foodblog, but cooking/baking does seem to have a healing effect -- when it ended successfully, of course. ;)
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K and S said...

what a great way to refresh yourself! hope your back is getting better. take care!

Anonymous said...

where can I find the recipe? =)

ghanima said...

I find that cooking really helps lift my spirits too! I'm glad your back is feeling better. It's a shame this "aging" thing happens to us all, huh? :)

caffettiera said...

Hope you have recovered completely. If that can help lifting your spirit, I had my first serious fit of bad back when I was 15. In Italy we call it 'the witch's blow'! Isn't that funny? I'm happy cooking helps you too: you know, every doctor recommends to keep moving when your back hurts, and cooking is a great way!

debbie said...

Glad your back is much better now. I put my back out last week too, but unfortunately I'm still putting on socks in a funny way because I didn't take the time out to recover. Hope its not too late to start treating my injury well. Haha and a banana custard tart sounds really good right now.

Cara said...

I've had a crick in my back lately, too - in Germany, you're usually told to take hot baths to numb the pain, so no cold packs for me. We call it "Hexenschuss" which very roughly translates as "witches arrow". I usually go for another shot (so to speak) to the doctor, which puts an end to the pain in less than 24 hours.
This aging thing, it really sucks.

Meg said...

That tart looks delicious! I'm glad it turned out well.
Sorry to hear you hurt your back... I hope that it's feeling much better now.
Cooking definitely helps to life my spirits, as well. It's healing, and a good distraction from worry, too.
Take care, Obachan!

obachan said...

K & S;
Thanks. My back doesn't hurt any more. But I'm scared that this might happen over and over. I really hope not.

Anonymous commenter;
I made this tart based on these recipes, but I made too many changes...

Some websites do say that this problem is not an "aging" thing any more and young people can have this. Maybe that is true...

Oh, really? Fifteen? Yes, yes! It did make me feel much better! :D
The witch's blow! I love it. That's exactly what it feels like, I think.

Thanks. I don't feel pain any more. Hope you recover soon. I used to laugh when my dad had this problem over and over, but not any more.

It's so interesting that both in Italy and Germany people relate this with witches. I wonder how it is in other countries.

Looks like the mainstream treatment in Japan now is icing first, lying quietly, until the inflammation of the muscle is healed, and then warming the back.

Thanks. I'm feeling much better.

While I was making this tart, I remembered the movie I saw during my flight to and from Hong Kong-- I saw "Julie & Julia" and one of the main characters, Julie cooked to cope with the stress. (But sometimes she got stressed from the very cooking and blogging.) I liked that movie, though I personally do not worship butter THAT much.

cecilia said...

I wish I knew how to cook so well... and also how to take such nice pictures.

Is loving cooking something we are born with or something we can learn? :-)

Plume said...

I hope you are better, if it can be of any comfort, I've had "cricks" in my back since I'm a teenager so that's got nothing to do with age ;)
I go to a chiropractor regularly and now it's much better unless I'm under a lot of stress.

totoro kaiwa said...

So you like Julie and Julia? That and looking at your site got me to cooking again.

obachan said...

I didn't like cooking so much when I had to do that for my family. Cooking/baking became attractive to me only after I started living all by myself and especially started blogging about it. So I guess the environment has a lot to do with it. :)

Photo taking is definitely something you can learn, I would say. Maybe to be a real artistic photographer, you have to have a talent that you were born with. But just to take nice food photos to heal yourself (and others), it wouldn't take too long to learn necessary skills.

Yes, it made me feel so good! :) I've read some more websites lately about the "cricks," and I'm now convinced that it's not an "aging" thing. I decided to do some exercise every day for prevention.

Stress... how could we live without it?

I liked that movie alright. I wasn't too crazy about those buttery dishes, though. Maybe I empathized with Julie because I blog about food, too.


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