Saturday, October 10, 2009


Homemade Umeshu (Ume Plum Infused Liquor)

A follow-up on the umeshu I made in May, 2009. The above photo is the one I took in early September and forgot to post then. See how wrinkled up the plums were? After taking this shot, I took out the plums and poured the liquor into an empty glass bottle. It took only a few weeks to empty the bottle. Yes? I already drank it up. Hahaha...

To tell you the truth, everything we made with our ume plums this year -- juice, ume miso and liquor -- was a little disappointing, especially the juice was awful. (Jam was alright.) Everything had a little unpleasant flavor perhaps because the plums had speckles which were actually a disease. Mom made juice and ume-miso with store-bought ume plums with no disease last year and the year before, and they were great. So mom and I decided to use store-bought ones next summer and make only jam with our ume plums.
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grub said...

ehehe umeshu~ it is very nice. i still can't believe it has such a high alcholic percentage when the drink itself isn't very strong in the smell and taste of liquor. instead it tastes like a fruity type of drink.

K and S said...

that is too bad, hopefully next year the ume will be healthy!

Mora said...

Hi, Obachan. I'm so sorry your speckled ume-shu did not taste very good this year. But I was happy to read that you did not let it go to waste! :-P Ume-shu always makes me think of the "Kyoto cocktail" that the Takara Sake tasting room in Berkeley, California used to make. It's equal parts of ume-shu and sake over ice. The best hot/warm weather drink I can think of. It is delicious.

Jeannie said...

How lucky you are! Ume is one of my favorite food but they are so hard to come by fresh here in the U.S. I'd love to make my own jam, but I have to settle on the pre-made stuff. :(

P.S. I am sorry that your ume left you disappointed.

さなえakaさーに said...

I've stopped making Ume-shu but keep
making Umeboshi for over 6 years now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for a moment, I didn't quite feel that the plums looked right. They look a little like 脳みそ. Laughs.

Nevertheless, I think you've done marvelous things to your home grown produce.

Implosion said...

Nice! I love ume-shu almost as much as I love ume-oni.

Lannae said...

I don't know what umeshu is and I am sorry they tasted bad this year. Your photo looks like a biology experiment with little brains in a jar.

kyle said...

I never thought of making time I go to Kishu I'll buy some extra ume to try this.

obachan said...

Right. Maybe the essence from the plums and crystal sugar make it very mild.

K & S;
Well the disease can't be avoided when no pesticide is used in this climate.

Oh-no. I was the one who paid for the liquor and crystal sugar, so there was no way I could waste the umeshu. Haha...

The kyoto cocktail sounds interesting. I'm pretty old-fashioned about sake, so very reluctant to mix it with anything, but I want to taste the cocktail... from curiosity.

Wow. Homemade umeboshi must be very good. I admire your diligence, because I think umeboshi-making is a lot more work than umeshu-making.

Anonymous commenter;
AHHHHHH...! I knew this was coming. Yes. they do look like 脳みそ。(I'm glad that you didn't say that they look like bunch of grandmas.)

But you know something? Those wrinkled plums taste soooooooooooooo good! I could say that I love them more than I love umeshu.

Ume-oni? Ume onigiri (rice balls)? I love them, too!

I know. They do look like brains. Maybe this drink would make you smart. Hahaha...

Yeah. It's easy to make. If used Kishu ume, it would be really great. :)

Rinshinomori said...

Sometimes our ume (two varieties) get these speckles you mentioned too. Did not know it'a disease.


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