Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Sweet Potatoes

Our Sweet Potatoes--just harvested

Sorry. This photo is a couple of weeks old. And I couldn't post a photo of the dessert, "suiito poteto (sweet potato)" that I made with these potatoes. The dessert was not a great success, but my family and mom's tea ceremony students ate them all real quick and I didn't have a chance to take a photo of them. (OK. Let's be honest. I almost forced them to eat the dessert. ) :P

(Added Oct. 27, 2009)

OK. Now it's officially settled. I'm visiting Hong Kong from Nov. 2nd to 5th and will be staying at BP International hotel for three nights.

Dear readers in Hong Kong--if any--, what do you recommend to eat at BP International or in town? (We may not have time to eat in town, though...)


grub said...

ooh another variety of sweet potato! we don't get the golden on the inside type in Australia. we have the purple, blue, orange and creamy colour ones though.

K and S said...

the potatoes still look beautiful!

Mae said...

What was the dessert? A pie?

Lysithea said...

Beautiful potatoes!

I always go to the Japanese supermarket here to buy some special Japanese stuffs, and I love the sweet potatoes! Usually I get them golden, but this round, I was so surprised to discover that they were purple! Never tasted purple ones before. So sweet! Are yours purple or golden?

Never been to Hong Kong before. So can't help you with that.

Anonymous said...

Tim Sum of course!
their porridge is nice - various types,
and i like their beef noodle too,
and sinful but yummy peanut butter french toast drowned in honey/syrup,
milk tea!
in the times i was there everything i ate was nice... just dont walk into a deserted shop. Have fun & have a good trip!
= )

obachan said...

Ours is creamy color on the inside. Dad used to grow purple ones, too but looks like he got tired of them. Haha...

K & S;
For some reason, they are not as sweet as store bought ones. I wonder why...

It's not really a pie--it doesn't have a crust. Maybe it's close to sweet potato pie filling??

My dad used to grow some purple ones, but his purple potatoes were not very sweet. So no one really wanted them and finally dad quit growing that variety.

Anonymous commenter;
Oh, Thanks! OK. Yeah, Tim Sum. And I'll definitely try some porridge for breakfast. :)

Mae said...

You have to try the Portuguese tarts in Hong Kong. The sell them at KFC and they are really good!

debbie said...

Enjoy your trip to HK! Yes the dimsum and pastries are definitely not to be missed! Not sure if you like this sort of thing as well but my aunt ordered roast/braised goose for us for lunch EVERY day when we went for a holiday together, but think I always prefered the braised tofu that accompanied it.

Joanna said...

So glad to see you take a trip! Enjoy!!!!!!!

Come to the US--I'll host!

Anonymous said...

i believe your around the kowloon area. fun for shopping and street food is temple street. it comes alive late at night The MTR will take you near there, take jordon station or Yau Ma Tei. If in hong kong be sure to take the address of your hotel (in chinese) with you so you can catch a cab home. you can easy get lost if you don't now the area.

have fun...


Julia said...

Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei is a must and you can get their by MTR. The street stalls open up around 8pm so don't go too early. While you are in temple street don't forget to visit the dessert stores in the area, there are a few of them near the temple street area and they have tasty sweet soup - I recommend anything made with mangoes if they're still in season.

Also try to visit the peak in the evening. Ask your hotel clerk how to get to the peak from your hotel. You can take the open - top bus or the tram to go up the mountain, both ways are fine. Ideally go the the peak at 4-5 pm so you can see the city/mountain. Then wait for the sun to set for the view of the harbour.

Go to local diners when you're in Hong Kong as they offer unique options thats truly local. Things I recommend: Tea with milk, coffee with milk, ox tongue braised in tomato sauce on rice (lunch), pork chop with red sauce on rice (lunch), french toast.

Egg custard tarts. A good place to get them is in Wan Chai right above the MTR station. Ask about the "golden phoenix/ golden bird" diner.

Other things I would try are the peking duck and a roast goose.

As far as dim sum if you want to save a lot of money, go after 1 pm as some restaurents have the afternoon special half-price dim sums.

I wish I am in Hong Kong now but I'm stuck in the states. Hope you have a good trip :)!

Emi said...

Beautiful looking Sweet Potatoes. Were they grown in your garden?


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