Thursday, October 08, 2009

Morning! -5-

After a typhoon night

Typhoon Melor passed by our prefecture last night. It's on the main island of Japan now and moving up northward. I hope it doesn't cause serious damage there...

I expected a sunny day today with clear blue sky, like it usually is after a big typhoon in autumn, but oh-no. It's getting really cloudy now and might rain soon ...
. .


new2bento said...

I am happy to hear you and your family are safe. I was worried about you. I live in Miami and can appreciate a typhoon all too well, here we call them hurricanes. One of my least favorite words in the English language. Stay safe!

K and S said...

the wind was crazy last night. I hardly slept, I am glad you and your family were okay! we have sun now :) hope you do too!

Tindy said...

It was nice after the typhoon passed through up here - gorgeous blue skies, like you said.

Didn't cause much damage in southern Kyoto, but I saw how crazy it was in Oita and Osaka!

obachan said...

Thank you. The typhoon did not hit this area and the worst damage I heard was the power outage in a small part of the town.

K & S;
Yeah, the wind was terrible here, too, but not as bad as we had expected.

Typhoon wind was so scary when I was a kid, because houses had only wood and glass windows that rattled like crazy in a typhoon. It got amazingly better after we got aluminum sash windows.

We had sun later in the afternoon. Thanks.

Yeah, and the tornadoes in Kanto area! I hope we have no more typhoons this year.

debbie said...

Hi Obachan, came across your blog while I was googling during a quiet period at work (oops!), and I'm really glad I found it! Have been fascinated with Japanese food and its presentation since a (too) short trip to Tokyo last year. The views look fantastic from your place - and it is good to know that all is well for you and your family. We have been having some crazy weather in New Zealand as well. Take Care : )

obachan said...

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for your comment. I won't tell your boss about your bloghopping at work, so please keep coming back! ;)


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