Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taking A Break

Instant "Soup Curry"

Right now I'm at my refugee place, my aunt's house. This is the lunch I just had. My aunt is on a long trip until mid December, 2009, so at her house I can be totally alone and enjoy the fast Internet service as much as I want. It's "Silver Week" here in Japan now, the weather is just gorgeous (except that the sea is rough from a distant typhoon), birds are twittering and a couple of butterflies are floating right outside the window. I'm taking a complete break from being a family member, a daughter, a cook, a person who is in charge of cleaning certain parts of my parents' house, etc. Now I'm being totally MYSELF, nothing else.

And here's a good news. I got a nice job offer -- a paid job, though very short-term. Some people from abroad are visiting my hometown next week, and I was asked to accompany them for three days to help with the language. It's going to be mostly sightseeing with one presentation at the city office, so it'll be fun. Actually part of the reason for coming to this refugee place was to do some research and preparation for the next week, but right now I'm taking a break from that, too.

I took this shot on my way here.

Hope everyone is having a good time.

*BTW, "soup curry" is a new name for very runny, soup-like curry here in Japan. I have no idea how it is different from "curry soup," but I don't really mind... as far as it tastes good.


Grace said...

How nice for you to be able to regenerate at your aunt's house. It sounds absolutely beautiful there!

And "Happy Monday law" (from the Nihon Sun)? That is very cute.

My family and I are regenerating at my brother's house this weekend. It gives us a nice break from being cramped at my parent's house.

Emi said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. What a beautiful place you live in. Soup curry looks tasty.

emma in Kansai said...

Wow! Wonderful news about your job. Hope it goes well!

Siver Week is lovely here in Kansai, too. Everyone looks lively and happy. What a pleasure!

K and S said...

those tomatoes look like they will delicious...enjoy being a tour guide!

totoro kaiwa said...

Wave breaking over the rocks is beautiful. Looking forward to reading about your touring.

Anonymous said...

Have a good time taking refuge at aunt's place, and may there be loads of good memories of the escort job. ;)

Gee... I need a refuge sometimes too. Badly.

Chin said...

Have been a lurker for many a month, thought I'd finally say Hi :-) And that I love your blog, especially its current iteration; reminds me a lot of countryside Japan.

Was pleasantly surprised when my friend told me he was moving to Kochi, but instead, he's now heading to Tokunoshima, sorry. Thought I'd surprise you with a gift or something.

I've only ever tried your recipes once, oddly it's that unhealthy favorite - kakuni :-) which turned out pretty good. Mutterings of fatty meat, cholesterol levels and clogged arteries meant not many at the dinner table dared touch my creation. Oh well, I had double helpings hehe

Hope you stay healthy, and stay sane :-)

Meaghan said...

I'm happy to hear that you can relax at your Aunt's house for awhile. What is 'silver week'? I hope that you enjoy your job... should be fun to show people around your hometown!

Jeannie said...

Congratulations on the job offer!

Very happy to read you are enjoying a break.

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself."

obachan said...

It sure is wonderful to have a place to regenerate, isn't it?
I bet you had a great weekend. :)

Thank you. The zucchini in the soup was our last harvest of them this year.

Over here, looks like the last couple of days of "silver week" are going to be cloudy with occasional rain. I hope you enjoyed the week.
(I miss Hirakata chrysanthemum festival.)

K & S;
Thanks. I will. :)

Here usually the sky is gray when the ocean is rough like this. It's rare to see big waves with beautiful blue sky and ocean.

Anonymous commenter;
Yeah, I'm going to have fun.
I hope you find a nice place, or even a thing or a person that makes you feel totally relaxed and healed...

It is always great to hear from the lurkers. Thanks for leaving a comment! :D

My hometown is not terribly far from Tokushima, so I might actually see him once in a while.

You tried kakuni? Wow! My dad seems to like it, though he always says that it is bad for his health. I'm pretty sure that he'll start saying, "But only a little bit of it would not kill me..." soon. Hahaha...

Honestly, it's not too difficult to stay physically healthy. But staying sane is a totally different story.

It sure was a nice break. Click on the word, "silver week" in my post to find out what it is. :)

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the tour.

Thank you. I'm so happy about the job offer.

To be honest, I didn't know the proverb, even in Japanese.It's Zen proverb, right? I just googled with the entire sentence that you put in your comment, then got more than 10,000 hits! Gee, this must be well-known... And it IS a great proverb. I like it. Thank you!

Implosion said...

The waves in your picture remind me of the stormy seas in the new Miyazaki Hayao anime, "Ponyo".

Tindy said...

Hi Obachan :) Hope your silver week went well? I know I had a fun time. Karaoke, sightseeing.... Only rained once up here.

Alas! Back to the grind. :3

Anonymous said...

Man, that looks delish! :D Soup curry! I love curries. Maybe it's time for me to try this kind?

obachan said...

Oh, you saw Ponyo? I haven't seen that movie yet, but heard that it was really good. And the song from that movie is so cute.

You must be having a great time! My silver week was just like any other day, so it wasn't terrible but wasn't great, either.

Maybe so. Go give it a try! ;)

jah said...

I was searching the net for okara cookie recipes and your heart shaped ones looked so lovely. Is there anyway I could get the recipe in English? I read through your blog and found both the writing and the photos wistfully moving.
Genki Ne.

jah said...

I was searching the net for okara cookie recipes (just bought a soy milk maker) and your heart shaped ones looked lovely. Is there anyway I could get the recipe in English? I looked through your blog and found the writing and the photos wistfully moving. Made me start thinking about my first year out of college (over 20 years ago) when I lived in Numazu.


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