Monday, September 14, 2009

Homemade Goya (Bitter Gourd) Tea -2-

Goya (Bitter Gourd) Tea

My previous post is dated Sep. 12th, but it was actually Sep. 6th that I sliced up the goya and started drying them. And yesterday I finally decided that they were dry enough. I roasted the dried goya slices and brewed them with hot water.

Goya tea before roasting (Sep. 13, 2009)

After being dried for a week, the goya slices looked greenish brown like above photo. After roasting, the color turned much darker.

Yes, this tea was bitter, but I thought it was tolerable. The bitterness can be easily adjusted anyway by using less amount of dried goya or brewing it shorter. So I'm happy with the result.


jalna said...

Veeeery innovative! Beautiful photos as usual.

K and S said...

looks like the stuff I bought from Okinawa :) it is really bitter

grub said...

wow i like your photos obachan ^^

oh what does it mean to roast the goya? do you use an oven to do this?

Jeannie said...

Okay, that was my question, whether or not a shorter brewing time would make it less bitter. I will try it now. ありがとうございますおばちゃん!!

obachan said...

I kind of like the contrast of the color of the tea and the dark background. :)

K & S;
I heard that some omiyage goya tea is ground and packed in tea bags, which is said to be a lot bitterer.

No, I roasted the dried slices in a frying pan for -- I don't remember exactly how long -- maybe less than 5 minutes?

But I don't know if the weaker tea would have any health benefit... :P

K and S said...

the one I have isn't ground, it looks like the one you made :) on another subject, ukon tea is very bitter.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and love it! You face life's challenges with such good humor and offer beautiful photos and delicious-looking goodies as well.
Thanks for the lift!


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