Saturday, September 12, 2009

Homemade Goya (Bitter Gourd) Tea -1-

I thought goya (bitter gourd) season was already over for this year. Usually my family harvest them mostly in July and mid August, and see only a few left on the vine in September. But perhaps because of the strange weather, we couldn't harvest them almost at all until late August, and then BOOM! Goya season came.

Yes, we make goya juice almost every day and stir-fry about once a week. But my family does not care for bitter food very much, and we seldom use one whole goya for anything we make with it. So we ended up having more than enough of this green, warty vegetable in our fridge and on the table.

I googled for recipe ideas, and found out that you can dry and make tea with goya.

Sliced Goya (September 6th, 2009)

They say that dried goya tea is good for the people with diabetes and high blood pressure. There you go again. It sounds like ANY food has certain medical effect or health benefit, doesn't it? But even if the medical effect of the goya tea is too subtle, drinking it wouldn't do any harm, at least. Then I would be just happy with the fact that the tea keeps longer and easy to use than fresh goya.

Now Drying...

To be cont'd to Goya tea -2-.


Jeannie said...

I do like goya with pork, but that is about all. I look forward to the continuation, being that I am very fond of tea. If you like it, I will want to try it.

cynthia said...

Dear Obachan,

I've followed your blog for years and have enjoyed it immensely!

Goya (or foo gwa in Cantonese Chinese) is tasty when sliced thin, blanched in salt water to remove some of the bitterness, drained and scrambled up with some eggs and slivers of char siu. The salt water blanching seems to really cut down the bitterness and make it more palatable.

K and S said...

looking forward to seeing what happens. I was thinking can't you sell your veggies/fruits to a co-op or something? I know I would sign up :)

grub said...

the goya looks very different to what we have here in Australia. the goya here are a light green colour and the lumps aren't individual but more clumped up together.

my dad used to drink goya tea for his diabetes, but he gave up on it since it was too bitter for him. i guess healthy food isn't for everyone!

badudels said...

I love goya...and my motto with goya-- the bitter, the better :-)

totoro kaiwa said...

I've never tried Goya but have a friend who always orders the dish at an Indian restaurant. I'd like to see a recipe using goya. The picture of the goya on the vine was gorgeous!

obachan said...

I tasted the goya tea yesterday. It was pretty bitter so I don't know if you'd like to give it a try. (It wasn't the kind of bitterness that you might want to add milk or sugar to.)

Thank you for following my blog for such a long time. What you described is very close to the stir-fry we make here with goya, and the way we prepare goya to remove some bitterness. I even rub goya slices with salt, leave it for about 15 seconds, then blanch in salt water. But it's still bitter for me. Hahaha...

K & S;
Co-op won't be a good idea, but we could sell them at local farmer's markets. The problem is that it's not easy to make benefit out of it.

Ah, perhaps your goya looks like this:

I wonder if they taste the same as ours.

I agree. Maybe healthy food is for patient people or people who are patients. Hahaha...

Maybe the bitterer the healthier, but... I don't mind being less healthy.

I found an Indian bitter melon recipe here:
Sounds spicy. :)

K and S said...

I guess if the farmer's market is far away, then all the $$ spent on gas would make it not really worth your time.

obachan said...


Anonymous said...
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ABC Sensei said...

Hi Obachan,

I just found your blog and am enjoying reading your posts. I'm in Okinawa and there seem to be plenty of goya here. I like goya tempura but haven't been able to eat it in stirfry. But がんばります!Looking foward to reading more on your blog! :)


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