Monday, August 10, 2009

So Sick of the Humidity

Mushrooms on the straw mulch for my zucchini
(photo taken end of July, 2009)

My younger sister and her kids are coming today to spend the week with us. But what a luck. There are two typhoons, Morakot and Etau, one of which coming close to Japan to spoil our week. Heavy rainfalls have been reported, and the dancers at this big dance festival will have a hell of the time. (I can't be there to shoot photos this year, so I'm kinda happy about the weather being nasty. :P) Well, this is the year that a total eclipse of the sun happened. The weather must be somewhat unusual throughout the year, I suppose.

There were a couple of summer days like this last week...

... but it didn't last long, and today, it's soooooooo humid again that mushrooms could grow on my shoulders. :(

Well, we'll try to have as much fun as possible. Hope I can take some photos to share with you guys.


ghanima said...

What a fantastic idiom, obachan! Is that a translated Japanese expression ("so humid I could grow mushrooms on my shoulders")?

K and S said...

ugh I am hating the humidity and rain...I thought the rainy season was over??

Tindy said...

I heard about the typhoons - my friend's mum doesn't want her to go to Japan because of them! (she's not serious...I hope >_>")

Odoriko said...

Indeed humid. Have decided to become a frog for the time being to be able to enjoy the summer of 2009. Besides it will be easy to jump fast when earthquakes like the one this morning decide to strike to compete with the typhoon and the thunder. Good luck, autumn is around the corner. So sorry for the courgettes aka zucchinis.

Implosion said...

*picturing obachan with mushrooms on her shoulders* heeehehehehe! :)

M.Kate said...

that was funny, humidity and the mushroom's very humid here too and we have it everyday.

Evelyn said...

Hello Obachan! I read your blog couple of years ago and am revisiting your new one now! I like how you share your experiences about the weather, food and life with such candid openness. It makes for some good late night reading :-)

obachan said...

No, it was a product of my unlimited creativity.

K & S;
It's already the 19th of August and I woke up feeling chilly this morning. Strange weather, isn't it?

BTW, I totally agree with your MIL about the TV broadcast of Japanese professional baseball.

Tell her not to worry. Typhoons rarely affect the area where your school is in Japan. But watch out for the cold winter. (Seriously.)

I doubt if the horizontal quake like that one could really help froggies jump, but it must be better than being a slug.

If edible kind, I might as well sell the mushrooms and make extra income. Really.

The humidity is unpleasant, but perhaps it helps keeping H1N1 flu less active? (It's spreading here in Japan, too.)

Hi! I'm so happy that you revisited my humble blog(s). Hope you keep coming back. I'm pretty sure that my blog won't have any posts that would scare you late at night. ;)


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