Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seventy Percent Home Made???

Veggies from our garden

Don't you love the way they look? :D

There's a dish that I always make when I have plenty of summer vegetables.


The ingredients of this ratatouille were: eggplants, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, garlic, basil and thyme. I'm proud to say that they were all home-grown. Olive oil, salt and pepper were the only store-bought things. So can I say that this ratatouille was 70 % home-made??? (The green tomatoes in the top photo were not used for this dish.)

The other day they officially announced the end of the rainy season in the areas around Tokyo, but not around here. Yesterday was a hot, sunny, summer-like day, but today it's getting cloudy and they are calling for rain later tonight. Yes, rain. Again. I'm sick of it... :(

P.S. Woops! I forgot about the rosemary and dried bay leaf. Now it'll affect the percentage...


Anonymous said...

What wonderful vegetables!! the colors are beautiful!!!! I'm afraid I haven't harvested anything, but a couple cucumbers and some green beans!!!

ghanima said...

Too much rain here in Toronto too. I wish we could get some proper summer weather. Your ratatouille looks fantastic, I'm going to have to make one myself, soon.

K and S said...

love ratatouille! hope the rain stops soon :)

Caroline in San Francisco said...

You are a true locavore, Obachan! Ratatouille is one of my favorite dishes.

obachan said...

Anonymous commenter;
I like the colors, too. Looks like my camera works better when it is slightly cloudy...

Hang in there. Summer is right around the corner.

K & S;
I hate the rain... and the strong wind. They killed more than half of my zucchini plants. :(

Well, there's no other choice. You can't live here without being a locavore. Hahaha...

Kirsty_girl said...

That looks delish! I better make some soon. All of those vegetables are still in season.


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