Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning! -3-

See the bird?

It's still rainy season around here and we haven't seen the morning sun for quite some time now.
But anyway, here's some morning photos. (Some of these were taken in early June, actually. )

After a storm, you see some unusual things on the beach...

No, the kitty-chan was not sitting like this when I first saw her. I put her there to make her feel comfortable. ;)

In our garden

Oranges are bigger now.

Have a nice day!


jalna said...

Beauuuutiful! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow nice view!

Tindy said...

Mmmmmm. Those pictures are WONDERFUL Obachan.

Can't wait til I get my own beautiful views. If I don't sleep in too late, of course!

Grace said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. My uncle is also a photographer, but he mostly photographs wildlife in the Ashiya area. (no kitty-chans though :) )

Do you know what large bird that is in the second photo?

carlyn said...

gorgeous photos...wish I were there in person.....

obachan said...

Thanks for the compliment. :)

Thanks. The top shot was taken accidentally, and I was so surprised and happy to see how it turned out. I guess ignoring the level indicator does pay off sometimes.

You'll have great views in Kyoto for sure.

I bet Kitty-chans don't think that they are wildlife. However, I'm not sure about this particular type of kitty-chan. Hahaha...

The bird must be black kite. We see so many of them around the fishing port every day. This place must be a paradice for them... The mountains are so close to the ocean. They can live in the woods without being bothered by people or cars, and fly to the nearby fishing port at mealtime. (But actually I'm not sure if they sleep in the woods at night, because I always see them on the rocks on the beach at around 5 AM.)

To tell you the truth, it wasn't very comfortable being there near the ocean when I took the top photo. The waves were so rough and the strong wind was very salty. That was the time when I decided to buy an aquapac for taking shots when the ocean is stormy.


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