Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fig Compote with Ice Cream

Fig Compote on Vanilla Ice Cream

It seems that this extremely long rainy season gave the fruits and veggies in our garden a break. The rain killed almost all my zucchini plants. My blueberries didn't ripen for several weeks. Even mom's figs were taking a break for about half a month!

But finally today, mom said that some figs were ready to be picked. Being sick of fig jam already, I made fig compote with red wine.

The ice cream was great with fig-wine sauce, but the compote itself was... mmmm...

Maybe I should forget about compote and make fig and red wine sauce next time. The sauce could be more versatile.


totoro kaiwa said...

Figs! Oh, what memories that brings to mind. My grandmother in Louisiana always made fig preserves with lots of clove flavoring it. The 1st time I had fig jam in Calif. I was disappointed in the flavor until my mother pointed out that the clove was missing.
The only fruit tree we have on our place is a "fuyu kaki" and this year we don't have a one on the tree. My neighbor's tree is loaded. No persimmon chutney this year.

Odoriko said...

Figs? we dry them back in Spain like you do with persimmons, to eat them with hard cheese, almonds and a glass of sweet sherry, but to dry figs in the endless rainy season of this year it will certainly be an accomplishment

obachan said...

Your grandma's fig preserves sound yummy. I guess my compote might have tasted better If I used some spice.

It's amazing. This year our kaki trees have no fruit, either. Something must be wrong with the climate this year. Could the total eclipse of the sun have anything to do with that???

I really wish I could dry them! Yeah, sun-drying is out of question here, but it might work if used the oven...

Anonymous said...

fig alone with ice cream is delish.
maybe you can try fruitshi (fruit sushi) aka... coconut milk infused mochi rice with sliced fruit on top :)

for cooking ideas and for looking at what other people are doing with ingredients i love looking at:

there are others, but i'm sure you know about them :)



Hollywood Tai Tai said...

I love figs! The compote looks so good....mmmm...

obachan said...

Thanks for the link. Yeah, that site is full of yummy photos! Makes me want to try every single recipe up there.

Hollywood Tai tai;
I still think that sauce would be more versatile.

diva said...

i always have compote with yoghurt. somehow, have never thought to pair it with ice cream! this sounds dreamy. and with figs? yum! x

obachan said...

Hi diva,
Perhaps it's healthier with yogurt, but yes, it's dreamy with vanilla ice cream.

alyssa said...

i like this icecream. Can you have other more flavours of this ice cream


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