Saturday, July 04, 2009

Deliciously Red

Fresh Tomatoes ("Momotaro" and "Sicilian Rouge")

Dad said the small ones were not "Aiko." "Sicilian Rouge" is a variety developed in Japan by a collaboration of an Italian tomato breeder and a Japanese company. It is said to contain much more lycopene, pectine, GABA and glutamic acid than regular varieties. As they say in the ads, the sauce made with this variety of tomato thickened pretty quickly and was very tasty.

The herbs are from our garden, too.

Making Tomato Sauce

This was a test batch so I didn't use a big enamel pot.

Tomato Jam turned out great!

1 kg tomatoes
330 g granulated sugar
1 tsp. lemon juice*
2 whole black peppers

*Dad's meyer lemon. Whole black peppers were added when the jam was poured into jars (one for each).

Oven-dried Cherry Tomatoes in Olive Oil

Halved cherry tomatoes sprinkled with salt. Pat-dried with paper towel in five minutes.
(Baking at 140C for 15 minutes + pat-drying) x 2
(140C for 30 min. + pat-drying) x 2
Keeps for one month if stored in olive oil.

You see I've been working hard? ;)

This was my first time making oven-dried tomatoes. I think my oven did a good job.
But I want to try sun-dried cherry tomatoes, too. Maybe after this rainy season is over...


Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan, I envy you for the bounty your garden is providing. It all looks so wonderful, beautiful tomatoes. Sounds like you are getting more adjusted to your new living situation, hope so.

Be well,

K and S said...

love the bright red! you should also try making a tart with your dried tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan, everything looks wonderful and summery. Can I ask how you make your labels? They are so cute!

Nicole said...

Obachan, I definitely should read all your entries before adding a comment. I see that your oven dried cherry tomatoes are just like what I posted on our previous post -except that I freeze them and don't dry them as much. The tomato jam sounds very interesting. What do you eat it with?

Rinshinomori said...

Had no idea Meyer lemons are available in Japan. Does yours fruit all year too? Mine does.

obachan said...

Thanks. Yeah, I hope so, too.

K & S;
A tart with dried tomatoes? Must be a savory tart, right? Sounds good. I've got to google for a recipe.

Anonymous commenter;
I use a fee label-making software that I downloaded a couple of months ago. It's so much fun!

Yeah, I already made oven-dried cherry tomatoes, but thanks anyway for the suggestion.

I eat my tomato jam with toasted bread and yogurt, but for some reason, I don't feel like baking it into cakes or muffins.

I think meyer lemons are rare in Japan and I really wonder how and where my grandpa got the seedling decades ago.

Yes, we can get lemons from that tree almost any time of the year. The other day mom and I went to pick some. There were about 10 big ones which were yellowish green. And on the same tree, we saw many tiny green baby lemons, too.

Mora said...

As always, you are a wonder with the foods you prepare, the photos you take, and now the abundance of your garden. All of your work is such an inspiration. Thanks, Obachan!

totoro kaiwa said...

Hi Obachan, Loved your peaceful pictures along the coast. Got any recipes for "nasu"? I have 6 plants with many eggplants on them. Just my cherry tomatoes are ripe now but have used the big green ones in that "fried green tomato" recipe.


obachan said...

Oh, I'm blushing...

Totoro kaiwa;
Sooooo glad to hear that you enjoyed the fried green tomatoes.

About nasu recipe...
How about this recipe or this one?


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