Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Crepes with Three Different Fillings

Well, the idea was not bad... I think. Yesterday I made a test batch of Japanese style bread (ampan) with sweetened kabocha pumpkin paste and custard cream. The bread wasn't soft enough but the combination of the fillings was proven to be very good. I was happy for the rest of the day.

But I needed to do something with the leftover fillings today. The pumpkin paste could have been frozen, but not the custard cream. (Right?) So I thought this crepe idea could take care of several leftovers at once: ampan bread fillings from yesterday, loquat compote made about ten days ago, tangy strawberry jam made this morning but didn't taste good on toasted bread, and the whipping cream which had been sitting in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Yes, the idea itself wasn't bad... But the thing is, none of these three kinds of crepes turned out great or anything. They were just OK.

Well, I'm going shopping now, and if I would have some energy left when I come back, I might try making mille crepes cake (which looks like this) with the leftover crepes, whipping cream and loquat compote. Maybe I could chop up the compote and mix with the cream...


I did. :D

Mille Crepes??

It was "just OK," again.


K and S said...

sounds yummy!

ghanima said...

How strange. All the ingredients sound like they'd come together marvellously? Were the jams/compotes perhaps not sweet enough? Did you remember to balance the sweetness with a pinch of salt? I really can't imagine how this could have been mediocre!

In response to your question, I am also under the impression that custard can't be frozen. From what I understand, cream-based dishes don't freeze well at all (like scalloped potatoes), and I suspect that's because the cream component doesn't freeze well (it must crystallize and/or curdle).

Erina said...

I think if it is an egg heavy custard there is no problem freezing. I always make Shu Creams and freeze them and they actually freeze really well! =) Btw those crepes look amazing!!

Mi said...

The crepes look really good! They aren't store-bought right?

The millicrepe looks really decent next to mine....I tried making one and that was the first and only creation I threw into the dustbin immediately!

cuteandcurls said...

Hi there, just browsing through from blogsites that Ive been randomly visiting and found yours :-) hope to visit your blog more in the future :)

obachan said...

K & S;
I wish they tasted yummy, too.

I did use a pinch of salt. The problem was the crepes, to tell you the truth. I added a little amount of melted butter which the original recipe didn't call for, and it made the crepes too heavy.

Some Japanese websites said that custard cream CAN be frozen, but it turns out a little too runny when thawed with degraded(?) taste. So I guess it's the matter of how picky you are about the taste and texture of the cream. I'm not too picky so I would probably try freezing my custard cream.

Yeah, whether the cream is egg heavy or not must make a difference, I guess. Then maybe I shouldn't be too optimistic with my custard cream... I usually use minimum amount of egg(s) and often substitute milk with soy milk.

No, they aren't. I made them. But to be honest, this is another case of my camera doing much better job than the chef. :P Hahaha...

Gee, I wonder what you didn't like that much about your millecrepe. Anyway I'm glad to hear that it was the "first and only creation" that upset you like that. :)

Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope you keep coming back. :D


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