Monday, May 04, 2009

Obachan is Back in the Blogsphere!

Hi, everyone! Here I am, blogging again. Yay! :D
Orange blossoms (not sure what kind)

So nice to see you guys again.

Doesn't this template look awfully familiar? Yep, it's what you think it is. Hahaha... When I was thinking about my new blog about a month ago, I thought about going for something different, even leaving blogspot for typepad or wordpress. But then I got terribly busy with the move, and now I'm still busy with unpacking, but I can't live another day without communicating with someone other than my parents. I'VE GOT TO BLOG! There's absolutely no time to waste looking for a pretty template or fancy hacks, or thinking about a catchy blog title!

So that's why you are seeing this template now -- the same template as my previous foodblog with just a different background color. And instead of spending hours hunting neat web graphics on the Internet, I used the orange blossom photos I took yesterday for the header above. The orange trees are in full bloom in dad's orchard, and in the neighbors' orchard and... actually everywhere in the community. (I'm not really happy with the photos so I'll probably redo the header sometime.)

Oh, and about the blog title... This is what my grandma used to say to me in my childhood and every time I visited her on New Year's holiday after I grew up. I forgot if I told you this before or not, but I'm not very good at using chopsticks. Yeah, seriously. Grandma tried so hard to teach me the correct way, but I was too stubborn to change the weird way I held chopsticks, according to her. And I still do the same. :P If she were alive now and saw me eating, she would have said, "OMG, you're still clumsy with chopsticks!" So I decided to use the phrase as the title of my foodblog as I take over her room this time.

The title also indicates my humble awareness that I am still a beginner in learning Japanese cooking -- like a little kid who is struggling with chopsticks. No, I'm not being overly humble. There's actually a lot to learn, especially about local seafood cuisine, including how to gut and fillet different fish. And there's plenty of fruit and vegetables from the orchard and the garden. Boy, consuming food would be my biggest job here! :D

Of course I'm going to grow some herbs and vegetables myself, too. I brought back a couple of herb plants from my balcony garden and now they're right outside of my room. My sunshine blue (blueberry) is out in the vegetable garden, right next to mom's small blueberry bush. (No, I didn't transplant my sunshine blue; it's still in the pot.)

This is the desk where I blog at now. I really love it that I can see the nanten tree right outside as I sit at this desk. If I look out, I can see part of the closest mountain from here. I can hear birds singing almost all day and when the ocean is rough, I can hear the sound of the waves as I blog at this desk.

So far, doesn't it sound like I'm going to live a peaceful "slow life" here? Well, life is not that easy. There's HUGE challenges I've been facing from even before moving into this house. But it's a long story and I'll tell you about it in the next post. I just had to say quick Hi to you all.


Elise said...

Hi Obachan,
Haven't checked in here for a while. Is there a reason for changing blogs?
Hope all is well with you.

Joanna Tan said...

Hi Obachan!

Wanted to be the first (ok second) to say hi and welcome back to the blogosphere. I had not written to you before but had been following your previous blog. So I guess this is a good point to say Hi and wish you all the best. Joanna

Sirpaul484 said...

Welcome back, Obachan! I'm glad you are still blogging, even at your parents' place, and I can't wait to read more about your life. I hope I can see more of the same, mixed with a little something different now.

purinne said...

hihi obachan~~~ so nice to see ur new blog :) ... ur home looks so cosy and nice ... it's the type of life im hope to hav someday ... :)

eliza bennet said...

Welcome back :)

I can't wait to hear about your new life and I hope that you'll be very happy in your new home.

Cara said...

Hi Obachan,
strangely enough, I feel like I've missed you! Good to see you're back and I wish you all the best :)

kiria said...

お帰りなさい~! Obachan!!
So glad to hear from you this soon!! ^___^
I missed your blog entries so much!!
Hope you finish unpacking soon!!
The photos are gorgeous like always!

Great Stone Face said...

Well, that was fast! We're grateful to have you back. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back, Obachan..
Hope you settle down soon.


Anna said...

Hi Obachan! It's so good to read a post from you again, and I can't wait for your next ones =) I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back so soon. Was worried there would be a really long pause. I hope your move back to the country turns out for the best for you. Looking forward to hearing and seeing some of your new adventures. -lance

Tindy said...

Welcome back Obachan :)

...Your parents won't mind if you take over their kitchen, will they? O.o

tofugirl said...

Yay! Welcome back! I must say, it looks really beautiful where you are...what an inspiring view from your desk :D

J*me said...

Welcome back, Obachan!
I hope the move went well and that as much as life throws curveballs at you, that you'll handle it with optimism and style. Ganbatte!

Looking forward to all your future blog posts! ;)

babe_kl said...

Welcome back, Obachan! I cant wait to see more of what your parents' place have to offer for us ;-)

Rinshinomori said...

Glad to see you blogging again. Not calling you Obachan. You are still a youngun to me.

Your have a gift of communicating and love your photos of food. Are you in southern part of Shikoku now?

Anonymous said...

Hi Obachan,
I have enjoyed reading your blog for the last year, through all the highs and lows. Ganbarimasu! Your current home sounds very nice -- I wish I could live somewhere like that too, one day.
Wishing you well from Australia.

My Bento Diet said...

Hi Obachan,
I love the new blog and I'm glad you're not stopping. It looks like you moved to a beautiful home. :) I hope the transition will go smoothly for you. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Its refreshing to read your blog after returning from jp

tina said...

O kaerinasai. Good to see you blogging again so soon and your pics as usual are lovely.

Anonymous said...

didn't you just say you were going to move home? time sure flies. i'm glad your balancing your time and giving yourself space. when one is helping as a care provider you should always remember to take care of yourself as well. you can only be your best when you do so.



Anonymous said...

oh.. i forgot to say. about too many onions to use? a french onion soup would use lots of those onions nicely :)



obachan said...

Hi. I closed my previous foodblog and started a new one because I have moved back into my hometown and started living with my parents. Both "obachan's kitchen" and "balcony garden" do not exist any longer, so I thought it was time to start a new blog. Hope you come to this one often. :)

Hi! Thanks for coming out of lurkerdom to welcome me. I hope you like this blog, too.

Thank you. Yeah, I think you're going to see basically the same thing here on this blog. Obachan is obachan, after all, no matter where she is, you know. ;)

Yeah, I have to admit... It's nicer and cosier than the apartment. But the life here has its downside, too. You'll see.

Eliza bennet;
Yes, happy. But as I mentioned above, there's a downside, too and you'll probably see (read) me complaining and screaming quite a lot. Hahaha...

Yep, I'm back. :)

ただいま~! It's so nice to be back and be welcomed like this.

Great Stone Face;
Thanks. I'm so happy to be back. :)

Glad to be back. Honestly it may take a little while to settle down here, but I will, eventually.

Thank you. The next post is coming soon.

Haha... I'm addicted to blogging, after all, so I couldn't stand having a long pause. I'm sure there's going to be a lot of adventures (whether I like it or not).

Oh I'm not taking over... they won't let me. :D

Yeah, I really like the view. Sometimes I can see birds coming to this nanten tree and they're so cute.

Curveballs! I like the way you put it. Yeah, optimism will be my good friend (and pessimism will be a parasite).

I don't know what kind of future is waiting for me here at my parents' place. But whatever it would be like, I'm going to share it with you. ;)

Yep, southern part of shikoku, where you can enjoy the wonderful view of the blue sky and blue ocean. :)

It's a nice, laid-back place but maybe too boring and inconvenient for most young people.

Hi! Nice to hear from you. Yeah, my parents' house is definitely tidier than my previous apartment. And the nature is beautiful... but there are so many grotesque insects here, too...

Anonymous commenter;
I'm glad to hear that. :)

Tadaima. :D
I'm sure I'll be taking photos all the time. Hope you'll like them.

Thank you so much for the good advice. I'm not so much of a "care provider" at the moment, but I'll keep what you said in mind. :)

obachan said...

And thanks for the recipe, Mura.

My Bento Diet said...

Obachan: "grotesque insects"?? Oh I couldn't handle it... Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. I HATE bugs - I have a abnormal dislike for anything creepy, crawly.

obachan said...

Charlotte, we've got so many creepy ones here. But I'm not going to take photos of them to post here, so don't worry. ;)

Anonymous said...

so glad that you are back blogging. Your receipe adventures are most interesting and everything you blog about is so informative. Hope you will have lots of fun living at home and blogging. Tell us about the food ya. I love to hear about japanese food and food in general.... = ) hee... Also love the fact that you have such a nice room to work from with sights and sounds which many would envy!

all the best in this next adventure.

Fiona said...

Welcome back, Obachan ^_^ It's awesome to see you got settled okay, and that all is well.

Just been leafing through your recent postings to catch up.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

: )


pixen said...

looking forward to more adventures and recipes from you Obachan...hugs.

Ellydishes said...

Hi Obachan,

I nearly panicked when I saw your last post on the old blog...! But was so happy to see it was because of the move... I wish you all the best and am looking forward to reading the new adventures!


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