Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Blood Circulation Guaranteed

Pickled Rakkyo (Allium Chinense) May 14, 2009

May 14th was certainly a productive day. In addition to the green ume plums in the previous post, mom and I also pickled rakkyo onions on the same day. But this was a real quick and easy thing to do. Mom had ordered some peeled and washed rakkyo and pickling solution about a week ago, and all we did that day was just throwing them into two big jars with a couple of dried red chile pepper in each.
I didn't know this until Kat told me in her comment, but rakkyo is said to improve blood circulation. No, it's not an old wives' tale. The allyl sulfides contained in rakkyo has that effect. They also say that rakkyo helps the absorption of Vitamin B1. And these sweet 'n sour, crunchy pickles are really appetizing. It's true that some people including my younger sister do not care for their strong smell, but I like them very much.

So, with that many onions (which also contain allyl sulfides) to eat in addition to these pickles, my parents and I are going to have blood circulation of Niagara falls this summer. Hahaha...


JC said...

I am so happy you are back online ^_^ I was waiting and checking and still missed your comeback by 2 weeks ==;

You have been really busy since you returned to your parents' home. I can understand your frustrations, I have my mom who can get quite confused on her bad days.

And you just had me in a frenzy checking out rakkyo onion now...heehee

Carlyn said...

I remember eating rakkyo as a child in Japan and my uncle telling me a story about a monkey peeling and peeling the onion never to find what was inside and not enjoying the rakkyo itself. I certainly did..!!!!

obachan said...

Thanks for checking and coming here to take a look at my new life. You live in Japan, right? Then it won't be too difficult to find rakkyo now.

BTW, I love Saotome Taichi, too. ;)

Yeah, our version of the story says that the monkey gets mad at the end, seeing nothing left to eat. Hahaha... It's just like me.

K and S said...

looks good, glad you are trying this for your blood circulation :)

obachan said...

Yeah, and their crunchiness would help me cope with the stress, right?

pixen said...

in my language , we called it ' La Gio' too. It's a hot favorite pickles in my community.

Elizabeth said...

I love eating rakkyo. I wonder if it would be easy for me to make it. Though, it would be probably much easier to just buy it. I never knew it was healthy to eat, just very tasty.

obachan said...

"La Gio" and "rakkyo." Mmmmm... Sounds somewhat similar. How interesting! :D

If you live in Japan, it wouldn't be too difficult to make it. I guess at most supermarkets or farmars markets, you can get already peeled and washed rakkyo and ready-made pickling solution. But it would be definitely faster if you buy pickled ones at the store.


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