Monday, May 25, 2009

Cozy Place

Those who read my posts about my challenges here -- especially part 2 -- might be thinking that obachan is now living in the middle of wilderness, a subtropical jungle or something full of scary creatures. Well, that's not too far from reality. (Just wait until you read part 3. LOL) But on the other hand, we are not totally segregated from the blessing of civilization here, and you can enjoy a nice harmony of modern way of living and beauty of the nature in a small town like this.

This is a cosy "tea and curry house" located very close to the ocean. (I was kind of surprised that someone introduced this place in English on the Internet.) It takes only about 20 minutes by car from my place, so I could be there more often if I had my own car. So far I've been there only twice?) in the past three years or so with mom, because she is not too crazy about curry. These photos are from the time I was there with mom and her sister a couple of weeks ago.

This place used to be a tea house where you could enjoy a great variety of tea from all over the world, both hot and iced. But soon they started offering cakes and bread to go with the tea, then curry dishes. (Obviously tea alone was not enough to keep the clientele in a place like this.)

I love their curry and desserts as well as tea, but what I love the most is the marvelous view from the window facing the Pacific ocean. I think the view, together with the little ornaments placed by the window in the afternoon sunshine will make some lovely postcard-like photos. Unfortunately that day, all I had was my cell phone camera, and in the shots taken with it, the ocean was not visible. (White-out?) Next time I'll bring my digital camera.

BTW, the name of this place is that of a traditional folk dance in this area. No one seems to know the meaning of the word... or it could be mere interjections heard during the dance. (They could have spelled the name a little differently in alphabet, though...)


K and S said...

sounds like a great place!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog, and have been having a lot of fun checking it out.

Fiona said...

That sounds so awesome ^_^.

Your photos are also really pretty.

Meaghan said...

Hi Obachan,
What is the name of the dance you mentioned? This looks like a lovely spot for tea and curry!

obachan said...

K & S;
Yeah, I love it there.

Thanks! Hope you keep coming back, 'cuz there's going to be loads of posts talking about my challenges here, which might be really "different" and enjoyable to read.

Thank you. I think the cell phone camera did its best.

Hi. You can find the name here on this site. The name of this tea and curry house is the name of the dance. Yeah, it IS a lovely spot.


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